at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Suck It Trebek, January 8th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 09, 2019

It was Trivia Club’s return to Toronto in 2019, and just like last year we started things off at The Rec Room Roundhouse! In The Roundhouse, and in The Hall, we enjoyed a great group of returning teams and a down to the final question reveal as to who would walk away with the Golden VHS!

 Trivia Classic  had Suck It Trebek in a strong lead, though all tied up in second were Cookiefaced and Solemn Decay! Our second place teams were just half a point ahead of Jeopardy Rejects! Rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) of the first round were Witty Mongoose! Rounding out the field was the late arriving One Man Army +1 Tri-Pardo  in round two at The Roundhouse then saw Jeopardy Rejects roll for seven points on the first category, while Witty Mongooses rolled for ten points on the second, and Suck It Trebek rolled for fourteen on the third category! This meant that thirty-one points were up for grabs! Cookiefaced hit for the triple and with that took the lead from Suck It Trebek! Our house team at The Rec Room were not far behind however, as they got the second and third questions correct even though the first answer was incorrect! Not far away from Trebek, fittingly, were Jeopardy Rejects!

This brought us to the  Trivia Finale ! In the third and finale round, Cookiefaced hedged their chances and only wagered ten of their points, while the Jeopardy Rejects also only wagered five of their points! This gave Suck It Trebek a window of opportunity as they wagered everything except for one point for the blind wager! With Solemn Decay also going mostly in, and Witty Mongooses going all in, anything could happen!

When the dust settled on the Finale question, Cookiefaced had found themselves in the runner-up spot on the night! With their sixth place finish, this is also the first time that One Man Army + has lost two consecutive nights of trivia, in their first eight appearances! The winners on the night, with their FOURTH GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP… SUCK IT TREBEK! They also finish the night with 95 points, a new personal best high score!

 08/01/19 POINTS TABLE 
Suck It Trebek 31 17 48 47 95
Witty Mongoose 18 7 25 25 50
Cookiefaced 22.5 31 53.5 10 63.5
Solemn Decay 22.5 7 29.5 28 57.5
One Man Army +2 13 -14 -1 20 19
Congrats to Suck It Trebek, beginning the year with that necessary Trivia Club mix of knowledge, game, and a dash of luck! Thank you to everyone who came out to start the year off right, in The Hall at The Rec Room Roundhouse! We’ll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY on January 15th for the next edition of the Greatest Game Show in Ontario!
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