at Farside: Brewers Yeast Infection, October 17th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 18, 2018

We returned to Farside for a close knit affair on our nineteenth event with just three weeks until the first anniversary Grand Championship at Farside! Who will take home their first Golden VHS on the night? 

After  Trivia Classic , our newcomer at the bar Pursuing Trivia had the lead! In fact the second place spot belonged to Sheri, the most familiar face behind the bar in our first year who was playing her first round of trivia as Bartender is bad @ trivia! Bartender had a half point lead on the returning Brewers Yeast Infection, taking part in their fourth event at Farside!

Round two of  Game Show Games  began and saw Pursuing Trivia grab the TOP TEN in the Box Office Bullseye, while also grabbing points in the BOB were a new team entering on the round, Barbie & the Rockers! The newest entries of the night would get another two points in Survey Says, while Brewers Yeast Infection would nab right points, and Pursuing Trivia would add to their total with another TOP TEN! Finally it was Brewers Yeast Infection's turn to get the TOP TEN, this time in Countdown Takedown!

This led to a competitive  Tri-Pardo  round, which had Pursuing Trivia roll six points on the first question, while Barbie & the Rockers rolled eighteen on the second question, and Brewers Yeast Infection rolled another eighteen on the third question. With forty-two points on the line the night could certainly turn in a number of ways. Pursuing Trivia gained twenty-four points on the first and third questions, while both the Brewers and the Bartender gained twelve points.

This meant that Pursuing Trivia had a good advantage against the field, heading into the Finale, but that Brewers Yeast Infection was still within the distance especially if they doubled up!

They did indeed, doubling down on the  Trivia Finale , while Pursuing Trivia wagered only six points, inadvertently shifting control to their closest competitors! With the blind wagers locked in... all teams were able to get the Finale correct!

This meant that Pursuing Trivia finished as runner-up on the night with 75 points, and with a new personal high score of 82 points on their fourth event at Farside, winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS... BREWERS YEAST INFECTION!

Congrats once again to Brewers Yeast Infection, and thank you to everyone who came out to Farside for a fun time and some good ol' Trivia Club! We will see you again in THREE WEEKS for the FIRST ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION of our time at Farside and the first of two nights of Grand Championship glory!
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