at The Rec Room: Not Turner, October 16th, 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 17, 2018

We welcomed a wonderful cross-section of competition to The Rec Room for our fifty-second event! Joining us were returning champions, returning Grand Champions, and first time teams! Who would win on the night, and maybe even take home their first piece of golf?

Round one,  Trivia Classic , saw US MCA debut in a big way, with the Royale pushing them into the lead. Tied in second place were Not Turner, making their first appearance since becoming Royalty at The Rec Room by winning our first annual celebration in The Roundhouse just this past September! They were tied with Quiztopher Knowlan who made their return. Tied at fourth were the returning Edward James Almost and Riding Shotgun on a Stagecoach (the table mates of US MCA)! Just outside the Top Five (top five top five) were No Fear for Beer, followed by the returning JRR Tokin's Followship of the Bong, and Suck It Trebek not only returning after their win two weeks ago but setting a new appearance mark at The Rec Room with their 11th event! Rounding out the field were the Newlyweds!

As always the night was far from over, and round two at The Rec Room was  Tri-Pardo ! This meant that a whole lot of points were about to fly back and forth. Suck It Trebek rolled the first question for seven points, while Not Turner rolled the second question for fifteen points, and finally Edward James Almost rolled nineteen on the third question! This meant that forty-one points were on the line on this night! Not Turner would hit for the triple and grab the lead in the third round, as Quiztopher Knowlans would come close to all three answers but zig on the first answer instead of zagging and as a result lose seven points for a twenty-seven point second round in total! The other big swing in round two would be the thirty-four point gain for Suck It Trebek which put our three-time winners in second after two!

This put pressure on Not Turner to keep their new found lead, heading into the  Trivia Finale , in a test to hold off Suck It Trebek, Quiztopher Knowlans, and the field! In the end it would be Suck It Trebek that would finish as runners-up on the night, and by one point over Quiztopher Knowlans!

Winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS, somehow after they had already won the inaugural Grand Championship prize at The Rec Room... NOT TURNER with a new personal high score of 104 points!

Congrats to Not Turner one more time, and thank you to everyone who came out this past Tuesday for a tightly fought and fun night of Trivia Club at The Rec Room! We will return NEXT TUESDAY for a Wizarding World spiced night of Trivia Club in celebration of the new Fantastic Beasts movie, with movie passes up for grabs!
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