at Hitch: Fighting Mongooses, April 9th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 10, 2018

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It proved a subtle start to the first Grand Championship Grand Prix away from Cardinal Rule, as a smaller field of teams set an eye on the Golden VCR... at Hitch, our longest running current location, while we started a month long celebration of SIX YEARS of Trivia Club in Toronto!

 Trivia Classic  saw the house team at Hitch the Fighting Mongooses lead the field after the first round, while the bar team Wookiee of the Year were three points behind! Rounding out the tight field were Orchard Sisters!

 Game Show Games  then saw the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown go to Wookiee of the Year, while the Fighting Mongooses played it safe and still walked away with eight points! Then in Survey Says it was a TOP TEN for the Orchard Sisters, while the Fighting Mongooses grabbed another eight points! Then in Combo Breakdown it was a back and forth and a tough yet quick ending to Combo Breakdown with Wookiee of the Year as the last team standing for FOUR POINTS!

As we tilted towards  Tri-Pardo , it was the Fighting Mongooses still with a slight lead on Wookiee of the Year, with the Orchard Sisters needing some luck to win it... and hey, I know that music, that's a late entrance for The Man with the Candy! Yes, the fourth ever Golden VHS winners at Hitch entered late on the night, with a chance to walk away with at least three points towards the Golden VCR! The Man with the Candy would gain eight points on the second question and eighteen points on the third question, getting twenty-six points on the board! Also adding twenty-six points to their name were the Fighting Mongooses! Wookiee of the Year weren't as lucky, adding eight points on the second question but losing eighteen on the third question! This put the Fighting Mongooses in a safer position for the Finale question...

In the  Trivia Finale , those Fighting Mongooses wagered 27.5 of their points, while all other teams went all-in, all to the wall... and luckily for the Mongooses, their cagey wagering would not be caught on this night!

Winning their SEVENTH GOLDEN VHS, leaving them alone as the fifth winningest team in Hitch history, are the FIGHTING MONGOOSES! They have now matched the Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes with seven VHS wins since April of 2017, third most in the current Trivia Club season! This win also opens up the sixth annual Grand Championship Grand Prix with six Grand Prix Points for the Fighting Mongooses and an early tie-breaking point total of 106 points!

 09/04/18 POINTS TABLE 
Orchard Sisters 7.5 0 10 0 -8 (20) -10.5
Fighting Mongooses 35.5 8 8 1 26 (27.5) 106
Wookiee of the Year 32.5 10 4 4 -10 (40.5) 81
The Man with the Candy -- -- -- -- 26 (25) 51
Congrats once again to the Fighting Mongooses, and thank you to everyone who came out to compete at Hitch this past Monday! We'll be back NEXT MONDAY for your regularly scheduled Trivia Club goodness, with the Grand Championship Grand Prix Finale on April 30th at Hitch with all kinds of GCGP goodness Toronto-wide in the interim! Remember, it's not what you know... it's what you learn along the way!
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