at Farside: Fart School Confidential, April 4th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 05, 2018

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What a night of competition, of surprises, of returning teams and surprise returns, and of course... excellent team names! We were back at Farside for the windiest night of spring, and the wind blew both ways indeed!

After the first round of  Trivia Classic , it was Guardians of the Galaxy Salon in first place! These weren't folks from just across the street, taking a night off from the salon, but in fact the returning Tiny Tim's...! The team was making their return to Trivia Club for the first time since last April, 2017! They had a two point lead on the field, with a tie in second place between Fart School Confidential, a M. Night Shaym-Aliens squad sans a couple of core members, with a name based on a true story! They were tied with Pug Grumble, the team at one side of the bar! On the other side of the bar were These Guys Win! in sixth, while Ostrich Face :| were saddled up beside the host, in fifth place!

 Game Show Games  saw our second round with our recognisable Countdown Takedown, and with Guardians of the Galaxy Salon grabbing the first TOP TEN, while Fart School Confidential grabbed eight points. Fart School Confidential grabbed another eight points in Survey Says, while Guardians of the Galaxy Salon grabbed another TOP TEN! This then led to a real back and forth Combo Breakdown between the Shaym-Aliens and Tiny Tim's..., by other names, with the Shaym-AliensFart School Confidential holding out as the last team standing for EIGHTEEN POINTS!

This then brought the back and forth night around to the third round, with  Tri-Pardo  seeing who would grab the lead and if Pug Grumble could indeed play spoiler! Pug Grumble picked up eleven points, from the first question, while the seventeen points from the third question were eliminated by seventeen points in the second question! Guardians of the Galaxy Salon also picked up eleven points and finally, Fart School Confidential picked up eleven points, but lost seventeen points in the second question... meaning Guardians of the Galaxy Salon had regained the lead heading into the Finale!

In the  Trivia Finale , it was a matter of wagering and answering correctly... and on this night all teams were able to answer correctly, so it all came down to wagering. Guardians of the Galaxy Salon had wagered forty of their points, but as it turned out they needed to wager fifty or more if they wanted to stay ahead of Fart School Confidential! With Fart School Confidential going all-in, Guardians of the Galaxy Salon would have to settle for the runner-up spot on their return to Trivia Club...

With FART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL finishing the night with their TWENTY-SIXTH GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP as the M. Night Shaym-Aliens! It's their second Golden VHS at Farside, and their first as Fart School Confidential!

 04/04/18 POINTS TABLE 
Fart School Confidential 34 8 8 18 -6 (62) 124
Guardians of the Galaxy Salon 36 10 10 8 11 (40) 115
Pug Grumble 34 4 0 0 11 (49) 98
Congrats one more time to Fart School Confidential, and thank you to everyone who came out to Gerrard and Broadview on this especially windy night of April! We'll see you all again in TWO WEEKS on APRIL 18th for the Grand Championship Grand Prix edition of Trivia Club at Farside, with your placement on the night going towards a sixth annual chance to win the GOLDEN VCR!
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