at Cardinal Rule: Unusual Suspects, September 20th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 21, 2017

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 W e returned to the Original Home of Trivia Club with an intimate night of competition! With a wild and wonderful week throughout Toronto, we ended things with the Unusual Suspects making their return for the first time since May to go against Cardinal Rule's house team of the last two years Last Place Team, a team that had quickly become rivals with the Unusual Suspects... at least in the mind of the Suspects! And these two teams were joined by another couple of trivia folks in Mat Lee! With that unpredictable part in play... how would it all shake out?!

Trivia Classic brought the Unusual Suspects to the fore, James C. of course as part of the team fresh off his Summer Movie Wager win, and they were not looking to slow down, even though Last Place Team were only three and a half points behind. Rounding out the intimate field were Mat Lee!

Then Game Show Games saw the Unusual Suspects grab the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, and Survey Says, before proving to hold out as the last team standing for FIFTEEN POINTS in Combo Breakdown! They had outlasted Last Place Team who had picked up six points in the first two games, and grabbed four in the final game, while Mat Lee were able to pick up eight points in the first two games and still grab three points in the third!

This led to Tri-Pardo, in which the Unusual Suspects rolled eighteen points for the first category, Last Place Team rolled fifteen points for the second category, and Mat Lee rolled another eighteen points for the third category! Mat Lee ended up holding pat on the trio of questions, while both Last Place Team and the Unusual Suspects grabbed thirty-three points from the first and second questions! This kept the Unusual Suspects in the lead of course, but Last Place Team stayed close to the fray!

Wagering for the Finale, the Unusual Suspects would play it safe! With only thirty points wagered, Last Place Team were indeed close enough that they had been given a chance to leap frog the Unusual Suspects and win the Golden VHS by a little less then ten points as long as they could answer the last question correct! Going all in, Mat Lee needed a little more luck! So it was on the Finale...

This wasn't the day that Last Place Team would be able to pull it out in the end however, as Mat Lee got the Finale correct and finished as runners-up on their first night out at Cardinal Rule. Winning on the night, also getting that Finale correct, becoming just the seventh team to win the GOLDEN VHS TWENTY-TIMES... the UNUSUAL SUSPECTS!

Mat Lee 10.5 8 8 3 0 (29.5) 59
Unusual Suspects 25.5 10 10 15 33 (30) 123.5
Last Place Team 22 6 6 4 33 (61) 10
It was their first win, but also their first appearance since May! Congrats once again you Unusual Suspects, and thank you once again to Last Place Team and Mat Lee for coming out and taking part this past Wednesday! Thank you all for another phenomenal week of Trivia Club! We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for the latest edition of the Greatest Game Show in Toronto!
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