at The Rec Room: Team Name, September 19th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 20, 2017

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 R eturning to The Rec Room for our third round of Trivia Club goodness in The Hall, with the excellent Roundhouse team supporting Russel in the Trivia experience, and an excellent turn out from the teams involved, we continue to feeeeel the space and build this oh so recognizable game show! Speaking of recognizable, Team Name returned for the third of three events... and were joined by a variety of new faces to the Greatest Game Show in Toronto!

Team Name led the field after the first round of Trivia Classic, grabbing some sweet sweet swag as a result! Tied for second place up 'til that point were Smarty McSmarterson, and one half of a larger friend group, Luciano... on his Birthday! One and a half points behind them were another two teams all tied up, High Q's and Baer Attack! Half a point behind them were Let's Be Frank! Half a point behind Frank were the other half of the Luciano party, Our Couch... Separated now from that larger group were The Spicy Mouthful, four points back, who were tied with Pixie Dust! Three points back from them were Housekeeping, who had a one point lead on Never Look Lost, who in turn had a one and a half point lead on The Cartel, rounding out the first round field!

Game Show Games gave a boost to a few teams, with Baer Attack grabbing five points in Box Office Bulle-eye, newcomers Name Team getting the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, and Team Name as well as Housekeeping and Let's Be Frank picking up the TOP TEN in Survey Says! Ultimately Sixth Sense and Name Team would each pick up EIGHTEEN POINTS in round two for some prizes!

This led to Tri-Pardo, which proved to be a far difference from the first two nights of 25 and 29 points up for grabs... as not one, but THREE NINETEEN rolls were made, making this the first time that a number was repeated three times! This also meant that 57 points were up for grabs, thanks to big rolls from Let's Be Frank, Luciano... on his Birthday (actually both of those things too!), and Smarty McSmarterson, respectively! With all these points on the board, things could swing any number of ways! Jumping from third to FIRST at the time Baer Attack, who grabbed fifty-seven points with three correct answers! Gaining nineteen points were Sixth Sense, who hopped into second place from fourth! This meant Team Name fell to third when they both gained and lost nineteen points! Speaking of point loss, falling from the top five were High Q's with a thirty-eight point loss, as Our Couch... switched spots with Luciano... on his Birthday!

With a comfortable lead heading into the Finale, it would prove to be quite the dramatic Finale for Baer Attack! Hitting for the triple got them that far, but they would have to stick the landing... and unfortunately they did not! Going all in meant that the Baer duo had suddenly lost all of their points! Wagering ten and a half points and losing it, Sixth Sense still finished in second place! Gaining big points meant that Smarty McSmarterson and Our Couch... rocketed up to fourth and fifth in the Final Top Five respectively, while...

Doubling up on the Finale, winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS in three attempts at The Rec Room, their TWENTY-SECOND GOLDEN VHS overall, yes... it was TEAM NAME! Finishing third on the first week, second on the second week, and now first on the third week! This is their first Golden VHS in MORE THEN A YEAR, with their most recent win coming on September 7th, 2016 some 377 days ago! Not only that, but this win at The Rec Room wins Team Name a Triple Crown, making them just the seventh team to win a Golden VHS at three Trivia Club locations, and just the second team to win a Golden VHS at our three current active locations after David Bowie's Corporate Whores!

High Q’s 19.5 2 0 8 -38 (20) 11.5
Sixth Sense 11.5 2 8 8 19 (10.5) 38
Team Name 26.5 0 6 10 0 (42.5) 85
Baer Attack 19.5 5 0 6 57 (87.5) 0
Housekeeping 11 0 0 10 -38 (OUT) --
Pixie Dust 14 0 0 0 OUT (--) --
The Cartel 8.5 0 0 6 OUT (--) --
Smarty McSmarterson 21 0 0 6 -19 (20) 28
Luciano… on his Birthday 21 0 0 8 0 (0) 29
Our Couch… 18.5 0 6 8 -19 (12) 25.5
Let’s Be Frank 19 0 2 10 0 (31) 0
Name Team -- 0 10 8 -19 (15) -16
Congrats once again to Team Name, welcome back you wonderful folks! Speaking of wonderful folks, thank you to all the new faces that joined us for Trivia Club Tuesday at The Rec Room! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY for more Trivia Club at The Rec Room!
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