at The Rec Room Canada: November 19th 2019 TOP FIVE

November 20, 2019

Welcome one and all to a recap of Trivia Club at  THE REC ROOM  across Canada! We’re celebrating the CHAMPIONS and the TOP SCORES at The Rec Room locations in Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario, looking at how they did on the night, and how they stack up against each other! Last week on November 12th Not Last Place, were not in fact last but in fact first at the South Commons in Edmonton and with the high score Canada-wide at Trivia Club! The TOP FIVE SCORES for Trivia Club at The Rec Room on November 19th, 2019 breakdown as follows:

With the sixtieth event at  LONDON ’s Masonville location, hosted by Justin Gayle (left), The Recing Ball arrived to set a new ALL-TIME HIGH SCORE swinging past three teams that were tied with 112 to score 116 points on the night at our second-longest running location of The Rec Room, topping this week of High Scores across Canada! League of Extraordinary Guesses finished in the runner-up spot with 68 points! Also taking part were Last Week's Absentees who finished in third with a single point.

As Trivia Club returned to The Rec Room Roundhouse in  TORONTO  with host and Trivia Club creator Russel Harder (left), so did Cookiefaced to the High Score board with the second highest score at The Rec Room this week, and the top score of 104 points at the 104th event that was good for their TWELFTH Golden VHS in Canada's biggest city! Runners-up on the night and good for second place were Team Infinite with 98 points, who were tied for the third highest score Across Canada, and the third place team in Toronto tied for fourth highest score across Canada, Jen Kennings with 96 points! CLICK HERE FOR A FULL RECAP OF THE NIGHT!

For the ninth event at The Rec Room Avalon in  ST. JOHN'S  with host Russell Cochrane (right corner), Hangry Hangry Hippos won the night with 98 points, which also tied for the third highest score across Canada! Runners-up on the night were Icarus? with 92 points! Who had the fifth highest score across Canada with that runner-up spot?!?

At the twenty-sixth event at the South Commons in  EDMONTON  hosted by Ed Childs (center, invisible), Chesnesyk scored 96 points, winning the night in Edmonton with the top score in Alberta and the fourth highest score Across Canada! However just nine points behind them on the night, runners-up in south Edmonton, were Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with 87 points!

The twenty-sixth event at  MISSISSAUGA ’s Square One location of The Rec Room with guest host Ariel Kagan (center) saw Pinky and The Brain hold out for the win with 78 points on the night, against Square One's reigning house team, Walt Quizney who finished with 74 points!

For the twenty-fifth anniversary event at the West Edmonton Mall in  EDMONTON  hosted by CTV's Graham Neil (not pictured), West Ed had their first TWO-TIME CHAMPS when Ginny Pie +1 took the win against the field, holding out for the close victory against Team KR Win, with 63 points to their runners-up 60 points!

Congratulations to all those who won the week at Trivia Club at The Rec Room this past Tuesday, and thank you to everyone who came out to play! Join in NEXT TUESDAY on November 26th at The Rec Room for more Trivia Club in Edmonton, London, Mississauga, St. John's, and Toronto! Click on the Top Five tag to see Canada-wide high scores and Champions from past weeks!

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