at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Cookiefaced, November 19th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 20, 2019

It was another wonderfully competitive night of Trivia Club as returned to The Rec Room Roundhouse in Toronto after a week away, and with that time away we had no fewer teams then earlier in November as eleven teams competed to see just who would walk away with the Golden VHS! Action took place in the upper part of the Three10 restaurant for our 104th edition of Canada’s Greatest Game Show, and our second night of the Trivia Club League format that will run across November and December for additional prizes to be won, and to be determined! 

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Jen Kennings in the lead after the first round, and this duo of newcomers had a two point lead on the returning Smarty Pints, back for their fourth event! Another point behind second place, in third, were The Questionables, making their forty-seventh appearance. In fourth place after the first were newcomers The Centipedes, followed by Felt Cute, Might Win Trivia Later, I don’t know… who were just five points off the lead in fifth! Tied for sixth were Dead on the Inside’s Garbage Can of Knowledge and their friendly rival Cookiefaced! Cookiefaced have been having quite the autumn, and had a point lead over another two teams, more newcomers in Team Infinite and Team Win! Rounding out the house were Risky Quizness, just one Game Show Game off the lead, followed by Team Eric!

 Game Show Games  then saw Team Infinite take the TOP TEN in our Countdown Takedown to slip up the standings, with Cookiefaced also grabbing an advantage with eight points! Jen Kennings kept the lead with six points, while Smarty Pints were now tied for third with Cookiefaced after gaining four points of their own! Then in Survey Says we’d have another written down answer, which would see most of the field gain six points, while Smarty Pints were left pointless, The Centipedes gained eight points, Jen Kennings lost the lead with a two point answer, but Cookiefaced gained the lead at the end of round two as the only team with the TOP TEN answer!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw twenty-two points rolled in total, with eight on the first category, three on the second category, and eleven on the third category! The triple was hit by a number of teams, including Team Infinite, Felt Cute, Might Win Trivia Later, I don’t know…, Risky Quizness, The Centipedes, Smarty Pints, Jen Kennings, but also Cookiefaced who kept the lead over the field! This meant that Cookiefaced kept the three point lead over Team Infinite, and four points over Jen Kennings!

 Trivia Finale  wagering then had most of our teams go all-in, especially with the knowledge that it might in fact be a closely knit night, with the outliers being a returning team in Smarty Pints who wagered twenty of their points, The Centipedes who only put eight of their points on the line! This meant that first things first answering the Finale was important and then you had to get good and lucky! Only one team would answer incorrectly… and that team was Risky Quizness! This also meant that The Centipedes would answer further back then they could have, as did Smarty Pints! The fifth place team on the night were The Questionables, with Felt Cute, Might Win Trivia Later, I don’t know… in fourth, Jen Kennings finishing in third, with Team Infinite able to slip two points ahead in the runner-up spot for a prize…

The night’s GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS now with their TWELFTH tape with 104 points on the night… COOKIEFACED, who repeat the night as Champions at The Rec Room Roundhouse! This is also the second win for them in our League play format, which gives Cookiefaced 10 League Points overall so far!

Other teams with multiple appearances for League Points include Dead on the Inside with 5 League Points, and The Questionables with 2 League Points. Our League format has only just begun and will refine itself as we go, as well! Remember that getting first place on a given night gets you 5 League Points, second is 4 LP, third is 3 LP, fourth is 2 LP, and fifth thrus tenth is 1 LP. Points on the night are accumulated as a tie-breaker. The only thing you have to do to qualify for League play at Trivia Club is make multiple appearances, and of course the more the better! The most LP by the end of December will win an additional prize! See you NEXT TUESDAY on November 26th for the next edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room across Canada! For the TOP FIVE HIGH SCORES ACROSS CANADA click here!
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