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November 23, 2019

Sit, stay, Trivia Club returned this past Thursday to Black Lab Brewing! For the fourth event at Black Lab in 2019, and fifth event overall at the pup-friendly brew pub we were joined by excellent cross-section of new teams, returning faces to Black Lab, and familiar competitors across multiple Trivia Club locations! Who would walk away with the Golden VHS? We were joined by the first three winners at public events at the pub, but with a group of eleven teams… the possibilities were endless to make history!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Mr. Peabody leading the field, helped by a six-point boost in Countdown Takedown! Two points behind in second place were two-thirds of former Golden VHS Champs Squad Ghouls, who on this night were known as Who Let the Girls Out? (who, who-who?) with an eight-point boost on Takedown! One point behind in third were The Strumpettes with a TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown to end Classic at Black Lab! FAHTBOPH were in fourth, one point behind The Strumpettes and four points off the lead! Les Quizerables were tied up with FAHTBOPH, with the highest scored aside from Countdown Takedown points (though of course with Survey Says points included)! Between rounds one and two as well a Les Quizerables team member would win the Brewery-wide Heads or Tails competition for one of the pairs of Said The Whale tickets! Corder Bollies were one point behind Les Quizerables and FAHTBOPH, followed by Pheonix Ladies (their spelling), and with the Fighting Mongooses having entered half way through round one but still just nine points off the lead, looking to defend their Black Lab Golden VHS from last month! Hitch’s house team had a point up on regulars from Farside making a visit to Black Lab, Brewer’s Yeast Infection! Three points behind Brewer’s Yeast Infection were The Good Boys from Laramie Cigarettes, with their own red sun glassed merch as well! Rounding out the field were Jay Cubed!

 Tri-Pardo  was our second round on this night at Black Lab, with The Good Boys from Laramie choosing the first category and rolling for sixteen points, while Jay Cubed chose the second category and rolled for ten points, and Pheonix Ladies nabbed the third category and rolled nineteen points! This meant that a traditional forty-five points were on the line for the questions! Gaining points from the second and third questions, but losing points from the first question, for a net of thirteen points were Mr. Peabody, Pheonix Ladies, and The Good Boys from Laramie Cigarettes! Gaining twenty-nine points from the second and third questions were Corder Bollies! Meanwhile hitting for the triple, and all forty-five points, were Brewer’s Yeast Infection, The Strumpettes, Fighting Mongooses, Who Let the Girl’s Out?, Les Quizerables, and FAHTBOPH!

This meant that heading into the  Trivia Finale , Who Let the Girls Out? held the lead on the field, with The Strumpettes one point behind them, and two points off the lead being two teams… Les Quizerables and FAHTBOPH! Wagering then twisted the potential for something rarely seen, as every team went all-in… every team EXCEPT for the two teams in the lead, as Who Let the Girls Out? wagered thirty-three of their points, while The Strumpettes wagered fifty points! This meant that the door had opened for not one, but two other teams… they just had to get lucky and get the Finale correct.

When the dust had settled on the last question, seven of the eleven teams had answered correctly! Finishing tied for third were Brewer’s Yeast Infection and The Strumpettes with 114, but finishing TIED FOR FIRST, the first time this had ever happened at Trivia Club on the east-end of Toronto after so many events even before we came to Black Lab Brewing… with 126 points a piece, FAHTBOPH and LES QUIZERABLES! No matter what, both teams would share the NEW HIGH SCORE at our Black Lab Brewing location!

This meant that for only the sixth time in seven and a half years of Trivia, the night would end in a tie-breaking question! With the fifth Tri-Pardo tie-breaker question asked however, both Les Quizerables and FAHTBOPH were still neck and neck. What else could be done, then an even rarer BOX-OFFICE SUDDEN VICTORY SHOOT-OUT! This form of tie-breaker had only been used twice before, at Lou Dawgs and at The Rec Room Roundhouse. The film was 2012’s Hotel Transylvania, and a double-blind guess at the Box Office saw Les Quizerables guess $100 million, while FAHTBOPH talked themselves into $147 million, with the actual box office of the Adam Sandler animated family comedy being… $148 million!

This meant that a night of neck and neck competition between Les Quizerables and FAHTBOPH, and a little bit of luck that saw the teams ahead of them both fall away and out wager themselves, it was FAHTBOPH that would walk away with their FIRST GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Congrats to FAHTBOPH, and very well played by Les Quizerables, and of course thank you to everyone who came out to Black Lab Brewing this past Thursday! It was a pleasure to have you at this pup-friendly brew pub on Eastern Ave! Thank you to Gerrard St. Bakery for being such a tasty food pop-up, and to Said The Whale for giving away concert tickets as prizes on this night! Look for information on future events for Trivia Club in the New Year! See you around Toronto, and across Canada!
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