Top Ten Scoreboard for October 2018

November 02, 2018


  • The top score on the Monthly Scoreboard for October 2018 belongs to 2 Fast 2 Curious, who also grab the top score at The Ace for the second straight month! They scored 154 points on October 10th at The Ace, two weeks after their prior Scoreboard appearance! Their attempt at a threepeat was broken up by a lack of competition two weeks later, but they’ll get a chance at an unconventional non-consecutive threepeat to begin November! 
  • The Fighting Mongooses return to the Monthly Scoreboard with the second highest score of October 2018, and the highest score at Hitch for the month with our second Sesquicentennial Mark of October! For our Devil’s Night edition of Trivia Club, the Mongooses competed as the Frightening Mongooses and scored 152 points on October 29th to make it 9 out of 10 months with a Monthly Scoreboard appearance in 2018! 
  • The highest score at The Rec Room for October 2018 was also the fourth highest score of the month, with the Pubescent Frog of Silent War scoring 127 points on October 15th, defeating their table mates on the night Sofa King OSM who finished in seventh place overall in October! 
  • Teams that competed at The Rec Room grabbed the lions share of places on the Monthly Scoreboard for October, with six spots belonging to teams from The Rec Room including the entire bottom half of the Top Ten! Hitch teams took up three spots in October, while The Ace saw only one team competing at the location take a spot on the list, the top spot. 
  • The eleventh highest score of October 2018, the highest score not to appear in the Top Ten Monthly Scoreboard, was also the highest score at Farside for the month! Brewers Yeast Infection scored 82 points to win the Golden VHS on October 17th, 2018 to win their first Golden VHS! 
  • The highest score for October 2018 for a team that did not win the Golden VHS on the night belongs to Wookiee Goldberg, who scored 113 points at Hitch on October 29th but fell short against the Frightening Mongooses! Still this is their first appearance on the board since July 2018 when they also went by the Wookiee Goldberg moniker. 
  • Smartly Pretty, known this month as the Mangy Stevedores, made their third consecutive appearance on the Monthly Scoreboard, as do 2 Fast 2 Curious
  • Suck It Trebek, competing at The Rec Room, are the only team to make multiple appearances on this month’s Scoreboard with the lower of the two, the 10th highest score of October 2018 notching a Golden VHS victory at our 50th event in The Roundhouse!
  • The Mean Team for October 2018, the team with the high score closest to the board average, are... Wookiee Goldberg with 113 points (compared to the 113.5 point average)!

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