at Hitch: The Frightening Mongooses, October 29th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 30, 2018

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Though there were ghosts in the system that caused a technical difficulty or two, Trivia Club at Hitch was very much still a Halloween celebration of the spooky, the scary, and the candy! In these days before All Hallows Eve, we were joined by not only our reigning Champs looking for only the second threepeat in the history of Hitch, but also the kind of scary competition that would no doubt make it a fight to the finish! 

 Trivia Classic  saw Smarty Pretty’s Matt & Pat return, looking to win their threepeat at Hitch, and take the lead after the first round, going by the name Breaking News… BEES! They had a three and a half point lead on the Frightening Mongooses! Those Mongooses were looking for their first Golden VHS win since the second Monday of July! Four points behind the team dressed up as the Godwins & Mankind (nice!) were The Ghoul Folks from Laramie Cigarettes! In fourth after the first round was Wookiee Goldberg (cause this Wookiee was a ghost, ya see), two and a half points ahead of a newcoming duo of teams, Euchred and Suck It Trebek (no relation to the regulars at The Rec Room, however)!

This led to a tightly contested second round of  Game Show Games , which saw Frightening Mongooses, Suck It Trebek, and Wookiee Goldberg all grab two points in our Box Office Bulls-eye, while the Ghoul Folks from Laramie Cigarettes took five points for themselves for getting all the closer to the eye! Survey Says then saw Euchred get on the board with the TOP TEN! This was followed by a solid eight points by Breaking News… BEES! to also get on the board in round two, while Wookiee Goldberg and Ghoul Folks grabbed six points and four points, respectively! Countdown Takedown then rounded out Game Show Games with a TOP TEN for Breaking News… BEES!, while Ghoul Folks from Laramie Cigarettes took eight points, Frightening Mongooses got six points, and Suck It Trebek picked up four points!

 Tri-Pardo  then rolled around with a big potential for points to turn the night in frightening directions, as Suck It Trebek rolled fourteen points for the first question, while Breaking News… BEES! rolled seven points for the second question, and Wookiee Goldberg had the chance to roll twelve points for the third question! In total this meant that forty-three points were in play for the third round! With more then forty points to be won, it was the Frightening Mongooses who hit for that triple and doing so took the lead on the night heading into the Finale! That lead however was by the slimmest of margins, as they were only HALF A POINT ahead of Breaking News… BEES! as the night headed into the blind wager! Breaking News… BEES! bet it all eighty-one and a half points, as well, which meant that the Frightening Mongooses would have to have a little luck on the their side after wagering seventy of their eighty-two points! The Ghoul Folks from Laramie Cigarettes decided not to wager anything, opening a window for an all-in wager for Wookiee Goldberg!

Answering that  Trivia Finale  would bring the night down to the wire, and Wookiee Goldberg would finish as runners-up on the night with 113 points, after half the teams competing on the night got the Finale correct while the three other teams answered incorrectly! This meant that the top spot did indeed turn on the last question… and night’s winners and now FOURTEEN-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS…. the FRIGHTENING MONGOOSES! Yes, those Mongooses would break the potential threepeat from Matt & Pat, making it 0-for-2 on this potential threepeat week for teams at The Ace and Hitch, and both for different reasons! With the 152 points, not only is it the second time that the Frightening Mongooses pass the Sesquicentennial Mark at Hitch, but they also become the twelfth team to pass 3,000 points all-time at Trivia Club!

 29/10/18 POINTS TABLE 
Breaking News… BEES! 34.5 0 8 10 29 (81.5) 0
Frightening Mongooses 31 2 0 6 43 (70) 152
Euchred 17 0 10 0 -5 (22) 0
Suck It Trebek 17 2 0 4 26 (49) 0
Ghoul Folks from Laramie Cigarettes 27 5 4 8 14 (0) 58
Wookiee Goldberg 19.5 2 6 0 29 (56.5) 113
Congrats once again to the Halloween Costume contest winners, and Golden VHS champs on the night, the Frightening Mongooses! Thank you as well of course to everyone who came out to compete at Hitch on this Halloween-edition of my personal favorite Game Show in Ontario! An additional thank you for your patience with the technical difficulties that inevitably pop up while poking around with new tech! We will see you again in TWO WEEKS on Monday, November 12th for what will likely be our third last Trivia Club at Hitch for 2018! Wow, that happened fast.
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