at The Rec Room: Falling Ice, April 17th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 18, 2018

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You knew it would be a wild night when The Rec Room was nearly on lock down, to everyone without a reservation, and the loading dock served as the front door due to the dangers of ice falling from the CN Tower. A very real concern, yes, after a chaotic week of "spring" weather... but speaking of spring, teams sprung to the opportunity of Trivia Club at The Rec Room! Potentially bolstered by a last minute cancellation that lost The Rec Room a Golden VCR Grand Prix night last week, nearly ten teams joined us in Three10 to test themselves at The Greatest Game Show in Toronto!

 Trivia Classic  ended with a close knit TOP FIVE (top five, top five), with Fennel Sausage leading the pack and enjoying a pack of candy as a result! With a box of Mike & Ikes for their second place spot after the first round were Falling Ice, which might have changed the night for many but couldn't hold back the Sausages! Rice Cups were in third place after the first round, while Quizzela DeVille were in fourth, and The Justinians were tied with Wait, Isn't This Speed Dating? in fifth place! Rounding out the field were The Girlie Show returning for a second straight Trivia Club at The Rec Room, all tied up with the Dream Team!

Then in  Tri-Pardo  the field tightened, as did the point possibilities! Falling Ice rolled the first question for eighteen points, while Quizzela DeVille rolled the second question for fourteen points, and Wait, Isn't This Speed Dating? rolled the third question for another fourteen points, putting a potential forty-six points on the line in round two at The Rec Room! Hitting for the triple were Falling Ice, Quizzela DeVille, Fennel Sausage, and The Girlie Show! This kept Fennel Sausage in the lead, with Falling Ice just two points behind, and Quizzela just two points behind them in third! Keeping this top four tightly knit, The Girlie Show had just seven points between them and first place!

In the  Trivia Finale , The Girlie Show went ALL IN, while keeping a point on the sheet were both Falling Ice and Quizzela DeVille! Finally, Fennel Sausage decided to wager only twenty points, underestimating their competition... maybe due to proximity, or maybe because they had felt lucky in the Tri-Pardo themselves! They would now need that luck, even after getting more correct answers then any other team on the night! Ultimately it would be answer that would fell one of the remaining teams... but not the teams that Fennel Sausage needed to see their night end in victory!

Finishing as runners-up on the night were Quizzela DeVille, enjoying a swag bag, while The Girlie Show improved on their fourth place finish from two weeks before by finishing in third! The GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS on the night with their first victory on their first appearance at The Rec Room... enjoying $100 worth of game bands at The Rec Room... FALLING ICE! Yes, that Falling Ice did not keep them away from The Rec Room on this night, it in fact led them to viiiictory!

 17/04/18 POINTS TABLE 
Falling Ice 15 46 61 60 121
The Justinians 11 4 15 20 -5
Wait Isn’t This Speed Dating? 11 18 29 29 58
Quizzela DeViille 13 46 59 58 117
Fennel Sausage 17 46 63 20 83
The Girlie Show 10 46 56 56 112
Rice Cups 14 18 32 32 64
Congrats one more time to Falling Ice, and thank you to everyone who found a way into The Rec Room on this unprecedented night, with unprecedented weather, and an unbelievable amount of local sports excitement! We'll see you all again on April 24th in THE HALL for the Grand Championship Grand Prix edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room!
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