at Farside: Cunning Stunts, April 18th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 19, 2018

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It was a return to Farside for the eighth edition of Trivia Club in East Chinatown, and on the other side we were joined by more then ten teams to start! They brought a number of possible out comes, for all kinds of fun, and with further points on this night going towards our sixth annual Grand Championship, a Grand Prix for the Golden VCR to celebrate six years of Trivia Club in Toronto! Though the Fighting Mongooses hold the lead, the Cunning Stunts aren't letting go of their reign without a fight! The Warm and Cozy confines of Farside, your very own vacation spot, brought out the competition!

After the first round of  Trivia Classic , their proved to be some maths accidentally added which instead of seeing the Fighting Mongooses in first place where they should have been, by a point over the Cunning Stunts... saw them ten points back! Carry the one, folks! So for now, it was the Cunning Stunts with the early lead, while newcomers The Way To Go A-Holes were in second place... and in an unintended third were the Fighting Mongooses with thirty-four and a half points that should have been ten more! Paul's Angels were in fourth, while Hot Dog, Mom! were a point and a half back from them in fifth! Fun fact about Hot Dog, Mom! is that one of the pair in that team were one of the members of the first Golden VHS Champions at Handlebar, Chanu-Cock. What a name! In sixth were the returning JackHammer, with the returning Brewer's Yeast Infection in seventh, Galaxy Salon (not to be confused by the equally inspired Guardians of the Galaxy Salon from two weeks prior, who were a different Tiny Tim's... type team) a point and a half back in eighth, and Alex Trebek's Left Nipple and Trash Pandas rounding out the field!

 Game Show Games  in round two continued to shift things up, as the Fighting Mongooses accidental placement saw them gain two points from Countdown Takedown, while the Cunning Stunts nabbed four points, Galaxy Salon took six points, Paul's Angels won eight points and The Way To Go A-Holes grabbed the TOP TEN! In Survey Says, The Way To Go A-Holes built on their lead with another TOP TEN, while Brewer's Yeast Infection grabbed eight points, Paul's Angels grabbed six points, and Galaxy Salon grabbed four points! Combo Breakdown then saw The Way To Go A-Holes in the lead, breaking the eight event and seven week streak of the Fighting Mongooses (even including the bad math at the end of round one)! The Way To Go A-Holes were the third place finishers in the Breakdown, with an additional five points, while the Cunning Stunts fell next to the Fighting Mongooses... who outlasted the crowd for SIXTEEN POINTS to find themselves back in first place, especially when the additional ten points that they should have had all along... was also finally included back in! Phew!

Within  Tri-Pardo , thirty-eight points were on the line after Paul's Angels chose the first category and rolled for twelve points, the Cunning Stunts chose the second category and rolled for seven points, and Trash Pandas chose the third category and rolled for nineteen points! As Tri-Pardo began we also lost one of the lead teams in The Way To Go A-Holes who had hit there limit on the night, even after a strong first and second rounds! This left the Cunning Stunts with the ability to gain additional ground, with a thirty-one point third round after getting the first and third questions correct! Getting the second and third questions correct and keeping that first place spot by four points were the Fighting Mongooses! Also gaining thirty-one points and grabbing the third place spot were Paul's Angels, while nineteen additional points from the third question in round three saw Galaxy Salon move up to the fourth spot!

Ultimately it came down to the  Finale , and with different results and possibilities possible, to shake up the standings and thus not only effect the Golden VHS winners on the night... but the Golden VCR Grand Prix... wagering was unpredictable! Paul's Angels left eighteen on the board, while the Galaxy Salon only left a half point behind! The Cunning Stunts went all in however, an adverse reaction from the Fighting Mongooses who were just wanting to assure a top three placement with their eight and a half point wager! It was indeed a tricky Finale too, which felled all but three teams!

In third place at the end of the night, with an additional four Grand Prix Points were the Fighting Mongooses! Runners-up on the night, with five Grand Prix Points were Galaxy Salon who had gained ground through out the night! Finally, with the second highest score in the history of Trivia Club at Farside so far, and their twenty-third Sesquicentennial Mark... gaining another six Grand Prix Points, and their SIXTY-EIGHTH GOLDEN VHS... the CUNNING STUNTS!

 18/04/18 POINTS TABLE 
Galaxy Salon 22 6 4 2 19 (53) 106.5
Paul’s Angels 31 8 6 2 31 (60) 18
Brewer’s Yeast Infection 24 0 8 1 -7 (26) 0
The Way To Go A-Holes 40.5 10 10 5 OUT (--) --
Fighting Mongooses 44.5 2 0 16 26 (8.5) 97
Cunning Stunts 43.5 4 0 6 31 (84.5) 169
Alex Trebek’s Left Nipple 14 0 0 0 0 (14) 0
Congrats once again to the Cunning Stunts, who slipped by the Fighting Mongooses in their second head-to-head, and thank you to everyone who came out to compete at Farside this past Wednesday! We'll see you all again in TWO WEEKS on the first Wednesday of May, on MAY 2ND! It's now a tight race in this second half of the Grand Championship Grand Prix, with three more events to go in these final two weeks of April!
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