at The Rec Room: Time Crisis 2, March 6th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 07, 2018

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 A fter our Red Carpet Trivia Spectacular in The Hall, it was a return to The Rec Room and a return (for tonight at least) to the Three10 Restaurant! It was really a night of returns and debuts, as two teams with past experience at The Rec Room came back for another shot at the Golden VHS, and a former Golden VHS winning team (or members from it) came to The Big Stage to see if they could #TellBetterStories with the crowd!

 Trivia Classic  was a back and forth, which saw Time Crisis 2 in the lead! In the first of the nights returns, Time Crisis 2 was made up of members from The Alex Tre-Bests, former Golden VHS Champs from Cardinal Rule! Close behind them were Team Juicy :P, followed by the returning (and still wonderfully named) Tequila Mockingbird, with another returning group of friendly faces Team USA, and The KD Krew rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five)!

 Tri-Pardo  then twisted around the standings, as Tequila Mockingbird hit for the triple and with a forty-four point swing took the lead away from Time Crisis 2, who with 25 points still held onto the second place spot. Competitors from two days before at our Oscar Night Spectacular, KAITRRR & JU entered from the arcade floor and with a triple of their own saw their sudden forty-four points take them into third place! Team USA, much like Time Crisis 2, grabbed 25 points for a solid fourth place spot before the Finale, while The KD Krew gained six points!

In the  Trivia Finale , it was a matter of wagers and right answers! Though Tequila Mockingbird had the lead, they only wagered three points... a good idea afterall as they were unable to guess the correct answer, and finished as runners-up with 55 points! With the correct answer however, and on a thirteen point wager... giving them 61 points at the end of the night...

 06/03/18 POINTS TABLE 
Tequila Mockingbird 14 44 58 3 55
Team USA 11 25 36 36 0
The KD Krew 8 6 14 14 0
Time Crisis 2 23 25 48 13 61
KAITRRR & JU -- 44 44 44 0
TIME CRISIS 2 were the GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS on this, our 23rd Trivia Club event at The Rec Room! Congrats to you, Alex Tre-Best alumni, and thank you to all the teams that came out to compete! We'll see you again on March 13th for the next edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room!
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