at The Rec Room: David Bowie's Corporate Whores, September 12th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 13, 2017

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 W e returned to The Rec Room for our next edition of Trivia Club! The Hall of Trivia for our sophomore round of questions, proved to not suffer from a slump but instead bring out a wide selection of new faces, not to mention some of the winningest teams and our most consistent participants! Look for your team photos and that Top Five (top five, top five) all around The Rec Room! We were also sponsored by the fine folks of Paramount Pictures and their new film out this Friday, mother!

Trivia Classic saw Team Name lead the field after the first round, with Rustle Me Harder (who I don't even know, though I appreciate that they found a good team name) just a single point behind! Even though they entered the field half-way through the first round, David Bowie's Corporate Whores had were only three and a a half points off of second place! Half a point behind DB's CW were The Mighty Canucks! Quiz Khalifas rounded out the Top Five of the first round, though with them leaving after the first, the fifth really belonged to TWO TEAMS, Bojack and the Horsemen, as well as We Me On Ashley Madison! A point and a half behind them were All or Nothing! Two points behind AoN were Squid Nipple, who themselves had a two and a half lead on Ridin' Solo! Tied for eleventh were Silly Puddy, and The Caboose (We Come In Last)... (even though they were not in fact last!) and rounding out the field though still with an impressive 14 points from questions nine and ten, Ranasa!

Game Show Games brought a further shift in the standings, as a strong Box Office Bulls-Eye, Countdown Takedown, and Survey Says combo of games gave eighteen points to both Squid Nipple and Bojack and the Horsemen, while David Bowie's Corporate Whores grabbed twenty-five points in the second round to rocket them into the first place spot! Team Name were now in a solid second place, while Rustle Me Harder dropped one spot to third, Bojack and the Horsemen jumped to fourth and Squid Nipple jumped into the top five!

Tri-Pardo then saw the first category being rolled by Bojack and the Horsemen for fifteen points, while All or Nothing rolled the second category for twelve points, and Squid Nipple rolled the third category for twelve points once again! With twenty-nine points up for grabs it was going to be tougher for the teams in the lower half to catch up, while potentially dangerous for the teams in the upper half to fall out of the Top Five! David Bowie's Corporate Whores shifted further into the lead, hitting the triple for twenty-nine points! Also answering all three categories correctly for a solid twenty-nine were Rustle Me Harder! Team Name grabbed twelve points on the third question, as did All or Nothing, while Bojack and the Horsemen as well as Ridin' Solo grabbed fifteen points on the first question! We Met On Ashley Madison grabbed twelve points on the third question, but lost them back to the great unknown on the second question to break even in round three!

Leading into the Finale, this meant David Bowie's Corporate Whores had grabbed the lead, but Rustle Me Harder were only six and a half points behind! Team Name were still in a strong third, and only a point and a half behind them stood Bojack and the Horsemen! With all the wagering locked in, Team Name put themselves in the best position to win of all the teams... as long as one thing happened, and that was for David Bowie's Corporate Whores to answer the Finale incorrectly.

That was too much to ask, as the most consistently winning team in Trivia Club history won their FIRST GOLDEN VHS at The Rec Room, making DAVID BOWIE'S CORPORATE WHORES now SEVENTEEN-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS! This also David Bowie's Corporate Whores the distinction of being the first team to win the Triple Crown at Trivia Club's three current active locations, Cardinal Rule, Hitch, and The Rec Room! Also, the first team to cross the Sesquicentennial Mark at The Rec Room!

Team Name 38 0 8 6 12 (64) 128
All or Nothing 28 0 2 8 12 (50) 0
Bojack and the
29.5 0 8 10 15 (0.5) 62
Squid Nipple 26 0 8 10 -27 (17) 0
The Mighty Canucks 33 0 0 0 -27 (6) 0
Rustle Me Harder 37 5 0 10 29 (20) 61
We Met On
Ashley Madison
29.5 0 0 10 0 (39.5) 0
David Bowie’s
Corporate Whores
33.5 5 10 10 29 (69) 156.5
Ridin’ Solo 23.5 0 0 10 15 (48.5) 0
Congrats to those Corporate Whores of David Bowie's, once more! Thank you as well to all those who came out to compete at The Rec Room! It was wonderful to have so many new folks coming out to compete! We'll see you again NEXT TUESDAY, September the 19th, for our continuing adventures in The Rec Room, playing with expanded multi-media and a big fluffy d20!
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