at Cardinal Rule: The Ticklish Boys (?), September 13th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 14, 2017

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 C ardinal Rule this past Wednesday was as always an exciting mix of new teams, returning teams and familiar teams looking to hold down the house legacy! Who would walk away with the Golden VHS at CR#231, 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Trivia Classic came to an end with Last Place Team holding a lead on the field, and two and a half points on The Ticklish Boys (?), who were back just two weeks after their return from eighty-four editions of Trivia Club! Speaking of time away, Last Place Team were indeed at full strength and as a whole making their thirty-third consecutive appearance! In third place after round one were newcomers to Cardinal Rule, Low Expectations, followed by Cheese Noodle who had a half point lead on The No Namers!

Game Show Games began with two teams exiting but one team, The Squeegees, entering! In Countdown Takedown it was The Ticklish Boys (?) grabbing the TOP TEN, while Last Place Team notched eight points to hold the lead, and The Squeegees jumped on the board with six points! The Ticklish Boys (?) continued a quality Game Show Game round with another TOP TEN, while Low Expectations grabbed six points, and Last Place Team notched two points! Finally, The Ticklish Boys (?) cemented their lead on the field with a SEVEN POINT Combo Breakdown, as the last team standing! Yes, after sweeping the Game Show Games The Boys (?) now had the lead, but Tri-Pardo had just begun!

Tri-Pardo, following in the big points up for grabs on Monday (which saw the second most amount of points ever seen in round three), gave a nineteen point question rolled by Last Place Team in the first category, a seventeen point questioned rolled by The Squeegees in the second category, and a TWENTY point question rolled on the first spin (CRIT HIT) by Low Expectations for the third category! Yes, the fifty-six possible points up for grabs were the third most available ever at a Trivia Club!

The Squeegees would get the first and the third questions correct, but lose points on the second question to give themselves twenty-two more points, while Low Expectations got the second and third incorrect but at least were able to hold back some of the damage with a correct answer in the first category! The Ticklish Boys (?) took a hit on their lead, answering the first question correct, but getting the third question incorrect to lose a point! This gave Last Place Team a chance to catch-up, and boy did they ever... getting all three questions correct, hitting for the triple, and gaining the most points EVER for any team in a Tri-Pardo round! This mored then doubled an already substantial score!

Finale wagering was then set, on a category chosen by The Ticklish Boys (?), with Last Place Team leaving a point on the table... while still having a chance to notch the third highest score EVER in the history of Trivia Club, not to mention at Cardinal Rule! All they needed was the Finale answer...

Which proved to stump the field. The Squeegess and Low Expectations, having gone all-in, lost all their points. Last Place Team went from a potential 220... to 1, and finished in the runner-up spot! This is because, leaving eight points on the board...

Now THREE-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS, with their first win since September 16th of 2015, almost two years ago to the day and exactly ONE HUNDRED Trivia Club events prior... THE TICKLISH BOYS (?)!

Last Place Team 44.5 8 2 0 56 (109.5) 1
Low Expectations 24 0 6 2 -18 (14) 0
The Ticklish Boys (?) 42 10 10 7 -1 (60) 8
The Squeegees 0 6 0 0 22 (28) 0
Congrats to The Ticklish Boys (?) once again, and thank you to everyone who came out to compete throughout the night! We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for the latest edition of Trivia Club at the Original Home of the Greatest Game Show in Toronto!
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