LIVE from the Trivia Clubhouse w/ Russel Harder - July 15th, 2021

June 12, 2021

For the 62nd edition of Trivia Club LIVE from the Trivia Clubhouse we brought a diverse selection of questions for a diverse selection of teams! As always it was a pleasure to bring you our game show to #PlayAtHome! Reince Priebus’s Rancid Pubis scored the top score on the night with 45 points from the potential 49 points, while the runner-up on the night was Down by the Bay with 44 points! Not far behind either team with 43 points was the Ghost of Bebe Rebozo! In fourth place with 39 points was Cookiefaced, while the Travel Buddies rounded out the Top Five (top five top five) with 37 points!

With 36 points, just on the edge of the Top Five, was The Questionables! Thanks to Dandice finished with 34 points, while Your Producer (and mine) finished with 30 points! With 28 points on the night were newcomers MK Don! Rounding out the top ten on the evening was Sue with 23 points, while RonDi had 20 points, and Team uno Persona has 18.5 points! Mike finished the show with 16.5 points, a half point ahead of CherLou who finished with 16 points!

The Caught-Up Mongooses (for the next three hours at least) scored 42 points on the afternoon of July 22nd, to join the Top Five for the event!

Remember that you can still play the June 15th edition of Trivia Club from the Trivia Clubhouse in a fully edited together format, as well as any other edition in the same archive of events! Comment in the video and let us know your score, and we’ll make sure to add it to the recap of the event on!

We look forward to having you back this coming week and the weeks ahead as we look to continue into 2021! Let us know your score in the comments, along with your team name! You can play this week’s edition of Trivia Club and every week at!

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LIVE from the Trivia Clubhouse with a selection of questions that you can answer at home, to keep you safe and entertained, and all you need is a pen and paper! Your host Russel Harder, the man with the bow-tie, will give you the questions and then we'll mark our papers! You can play along with a group or by yourself, and you can be as active as you'd like in the chat! Just remember these Cardinal Rules:

1) Be smarter then the internet you're on. Answers and scores won't be tracked by Trivia Club, though we welcome you to post your scores once you're finished. If you cheat to "win" you're only cheating yourself.
2) DON'T ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS! We want to keep that competitive spirit sharp, so no spoilers.
3) The only other rule of Trivia Club... is tell EVERYONE about Trivia Club!

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Support Trivia Club on Patreon! Trivia Club from the Trivia Clubhouse w/ Russel Harder, an #AtHome #TuesdayTrivia edition of our game show, is available LIVE every Tuesday on YouTube, as well as well as an audio-only version on SoundCloud & iTunesRussel Harder has produced Trivia Club across Canada for The Rec Room, and in the future will once again host Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse (255 Bremner Blvd) and at Farside (600 Gerrard St E)!

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