at The Rec Room Canada: July 30th 2019 TOP FIVE

August 01, 2019

Welcome one and all to a recap of Trivia Club at  THE REC ROOM  across Canada! We’re celebrating the CHAMPIONS and the TOP SCORES at The Rec Room locations in Ontario and Alberta, looking at how they did on the night, and how they stack up against each other! Last week on July 23rd Kaos reigned with the Canada-wide highest score at Trivia Club from Square One in Mississauga! The TOP FIVE SCORES for Trivia Club at The Rec Room on July 30th, 2019 breakdown as follows:

It was a milestone night at The Rec Room Roundhouse in  TORONTO  with host and Trivia Club creator Russel Harder (left)! Cookiefaced  won their FIFTH Golden VHS, bringing the long-time competitors in Toronto into the Five Timers Club! Cookiefaced won with style as well, as they bested the field to the tune of 151 points for the high score across Canada! Finding themselves in second place at the end of the night, and with the fifth highest score across every location of The Rec Room were Last Minute with 46 points! CLICK HERE FOR A FULL RECAP OF THE NIGHT!

The other three spots of this week's Top Five actually belong to  MISSISSAUGA ’s Square One location of The Rec Room, which proved hyper competitive thanks to fourteen teams competing at one point! Pictured with host "MrGameShow" Christopher Colbourne (bottom left), Jason Smells doubled up on the Finale to win the night with 80 points and finish the week with the second highest score! Just ten points behind with 70 on the night were Lanxmas, followed by Pikaguy 69 with 62 points at The Rec Room Square One! In the lead before the Finale, but falling away from the potential win was a traveling Dead on the Inside, who looked to be the first team at The Rec Room to win at two different locations!

At the South Edmonton Commons, for the eleventh event in South  EDMONTON  hosted by Ed Childs it went down to the wire again but this time the cagey wagering of Owl Be Back, who won with three points, defeated the warring factions of Josh Sucks and Mike Sucks, who both finished with one point each!

It was a huge first at  LONDON ’s Masonville location hosted by Justin Gayle (center), as the Dairy-Based Projectiles won their third in a row! This THREEPEAT victory once again came down to a tie-breaker as well, as Dairy-Based Projectiles finished tied this time with a familiar opponent and former Champ in London, Tokyo Sushi at 1 point, and this time bested them in a Sudden Death Box Office Bulls-eye!

Congratulations to all those who won the week at Trivia Club at The Rec Room this past Tuesday, and thank you to everyone who came out to play! Join in NEXT TUESDAY on August 6th at The Rec Room for more Trivia Club in Edmonton, London, Mississauga, and Toronto! Let your friends know that we'll be coming to St. John's as well, in September!

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