at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Olivia Newton-Quiz, April 16th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 17, 2019

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It was the seventy-fifth edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse, with the Grand Championship Grand Prix coming to the flagship space of The Rec Room! On this same night Trivia Club expanded to a third location in Ontario, as Mississauga joined Toronto and London! How would the Grand Championship Grand Prix of Trivia Club continue as we reached the half-way mark in this Chase for the Golden VCR?

 Trivia Classic  saw Olivia Newton-Quiz, otherwise known as Smartly Pretty, with the lead at the end of the first round! Smartly Pretty had played once before at The Rec Room, as I’m Sorry About Venom, during the December holidays and had walked away with the victory then! Two points behind them were two different teams, with newcomers Tito +2 neck and neck with Suck It Trebek! A single point behind in fourth were the Fighting Mongooses making their first appearance at The Rec Room, while making just their second appearance at The Rec Room Roundhouse and first under their current name, to round out the Top Five (top five top five) were 2 Fast 2 Curious! Team Name were back at their new home and only one point off of fifth place! Trebek’s Rejects were in seventh, a point ahead of Cookiefaced in eighth! One point behind them in ninth were “I Know Shit!” – Jonathan Wang, table mates with the tenth place team No Scrubs! Rounding out the field were the returning Really Makes U Think!

 Tri-Pardo , our second round at The Roundhouse, then saw Team Name roll the first question for eleven points, while the Fighting Mongooses rolled the second question for sixteen points, and No Scrubs rolled the third question for twenty big points! This meant that forty-seven points were up for grabs! The triple was hit by six teams, including Olivia Newton-Quiz, Suck It Trebek, and 2 Fast 2 Curious, while the Fighting Mongooses were tripped up by the second and third questions! Ultimately this left Olivia Newton-Quiz in first heading into the Finale, two points ahead of Suck It Trebek still! 2 Fast 2 Curious were five points off of first, though still one point ahead of Team Name!

 Trivia Finale  wagers then some teams being cagey with their wagering as Olivia Newton-Quiz left two points on the board and Suck It Trebek left three points on the board, but 2 Fast 2 Curious and Team Name and more went all-in! The question was if the Smartly Pretty duo could be caught, or if the Fighting Mongooses could regain a place in the upper-half of the standings if they weren’t lucky enough to win the night… ultimately it was a difficult Finale question though seven teams were still able to answer it correctly!

Of those teams, and winning their second Golden VHS at The Rec Room Roundhouse, joining the list of multi-time Champions, while also winning their TENTH GOLDEN VHS as a duo… OLIVIA NEWTON-QUIZ! Smartly Pretty’s Matt and Pat are now the reigning Golden VHS Champions at each of Trivia Club’s Toronto locations, a feat not seen since the Electric Bastards in 2015! It should be no surprise that Pat and Matt are indeed alumni of those Electric Bastards!

 16/04/19 POINTS TABLE 
Fighting Mongooses 18 -25 -7 20 13
2 Fast 2 Curious 16 47 63 63 126
Olivia Newton-Quiz 21 47 68 66 134
Cookiefaced 12 20 32 32 64
Team Name 15 47 62 62 124
Suck It Trebek 19 47 66 63 3
Really Makes U Think 7 47 54 54 0
”I Know Shit”
– Jonathan Wang
11 15 26 26 52
No Scrubs 9 47 56 56 112
Trebek’s Rejects 13 31 44 44 0
Congrats once again to Smartly Pretty’s Olivia Newton-Quiz! Well done to everyone, and thank you to all those who participated this past Tuesday as The Rec Room Roundhouse! It was a party throughout The Roundhouse this week, so thank you for your patience and your game attitudes as well! Grand Championship Grand Prix standings see Smartly Pretty add another point to their lead on 2 Fast 2 Curious, but with a second place finish 2 Fast 2 Curious are still only four points behind in the overall standings. Finishing in seventh, and gaining another Grand Prix Point, the Fighting Mongooses are further away in third but not yet mathematically out of the game yet with three events and as much as twenty-one points still up for grabs in the Grand Prix!

In other Trivia Club news at The Rec Room! The Rec Room Masonville saw Quiz On finally break through and win their first night of trivia on their third attempt in London, with a April high score at Masonville at this time, of 92 points! We also had our debut night of Trivia Club at The Rec Room Square One in Mississauga, with 75 points winning the inaugural event for Tim’s Angels!

Game 7 of the Leafs/Bruins first round play-off series permitting, we will see you NEXT TUESDAY at The Rec Room Roundhouse! If there is a game 7 in that NHL series, then we will have to cancel our Tuesday event and will instead return on the 30th! TONIGHT WEDNESDAY is the only back-to-back of the Grand Championship Grand Prix with the next step towards the Golden VCR at Farside! Finally our Grand Championship comes to an end on April 29th at Hitch! See you NEXT TUESDAY, see you tonight, and see you again for more Trivia Club!
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