at The Rec Room Roundhouse: We Showed Up For 8, January 22nd TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 23, 2019

January 22nd saw a later start to Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse, with a busy event space moving game show festivities to the Three10 restaurant’s upper level! We still enjoyed both returning teams, and new faces, involved in the Greatest Game Show in Ontario and ultimately it was a battle to the Finale to see who would hold out to lift the Golden VHS in victory!

 Trivia Classic  ended with We Showed Up For 8 (yes, admittedly we started closer to quarter to nine) grabbing the lead! They had a two point advantage on returning champions Cookiefaced who also scored some sweet prizes in second! Tied for third were Suck It Trebek and another familiar face at The Rec Room, on this night going by the team name of Chlamydia Koalas! Rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) were Big Floppy Disks, with Double Dutchers not too far behind as well!

 Tri-Pardo  then helped the standings shift around a bit as Suck It Trebek rolled the first category for fourteen points, We Showed Up For 8 rolled for six points on the second category, and Chlamydia Koalas rolled for seven points on the third category! No teams were able to hit the triple, though Chlamydia Koalas moved up to second place after the second round after gaining twenty-one points from the first and third questions, as did We Showed Up For 8 to keep first place! Just three points off of second, in third, were Cookiefaced who got the first and third questions correct but answered the second question incorrectly and lost six points! Also gaining fifteen points were Double Dutchers and newcomers Asian Geeks!

Finally in our third and  Trivia Finale  round, most teams went all in with a little variation from our longer-running teams and We Showed Up For 8 leaving the most on the table… which was exactly what they needed to do! If every team had answered correctly, Chlamydia Koalas would have won by a single point, but with every team being stumped by the Finale, instead the GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS were… WE SHOWED UP FOR 8!

Congrats to We Showed Up For 8, who left as number one on the night! Thank you again to everyone who came out and took part in Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse! We’ll see you again NEXT TUESDAY on January 29th for the 65th edition of Trivia Club in Toronto’s flagship location! Also we’ll be bringing you another RED CARPET TRIVIA SPECTACULAR on February 24th! Which means, yes another screening of the Academy Awards, along with Oscar Trivia, a picks pool for prizes, and more!
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