at Farside: 2 Fast 2 Curious, January 16th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 17, 2019

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Twenty-four events a year, three hours a night! We return to where we wrapped up our 2018, with the first Trivia Club at Farside for 2019! It proved an excellent mix of new faces and old rivals, and even a little bit of unpredictability!

 Trivia Classic  at the Friendly Neighbourhood 'side of the street saw the M. Night Shaym-Aliens in the lead once the first round was finished. Our reigning Head of Class Grand Champions at Farside had a five and a half point lead on 2 Fast 2 Curious! Having reigned supreme in Roncesvalles, the Team Formerly Known as Last Place Team were making their 100th appearance at Trivia Club, just the sixth Century Team of Trivia Club, with a debut at Farside! Four points back from 2 Fast 2 Curious were Hitch alumni and the only team to win a Golden VHS with half a point, The Tokerina of Time! One and a half point back from them were our returning Champs to Farside, Kwik-E-Smarts, who also happened to hold the Linear Championship Belt! Rounding out the first round Top Five (top five, top five) were The Sharks! A point and a half back were two pairs of newcomers tied for sixth, The Audibles and The No Debras! Finally rounding out the field were The Stouts!

 Game Show Games  began with Box Office Bullseye, with a tough enough mark to hit that only the top two teams, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens and 2 Fast 2 Curious were able to get two points from it! Then in Survey Says, The Tokerina of Time would grab a quick TOP TEN, but it wouldn't be until the final guess drawn that 2 Fast 2 Curious would grab the eight point answer and with it the lead! Finally our second round would conclude with Countdown Takedown, wherein The Audible would grab the TOP TEN answer, while eight points went to The Stouts, and 2 Fast 2 Curious were happier to get two points if it meant the M. Night Shaym-Aliens were boxed out of the second round without more then two points in the second round!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw two teams neck and neck at the top but a competitive field not too far behind! The M. Night Shaym-Aliens rolled the first question for fifteen, while 2 Fast 2 Curious rolled the second question for seven, and finally The Sharks (a family name, mind you) rolled the third question for sixteen points! With thirty-five points on the line, four of the seven teams would hit for the triple and get all three answers correct! Yes, the Shaym-Aliens, 2 Curious, Audible, and Kwik-E all gained big points, which kept the Kwik-E-Smarts close to the top, in defending that Gold Video Cassette, but still left 2 Fast 2 Curious with a four and a half point edge on the M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

This led to a  Trivia Finale , wherein most everyone went all-in save for one big outlier in Kwik-E-Smarts who kept their wager low in the off chance that the field faltered. Unfortunately that was not in the cards for our returning Champs, who finished in fourth place! Finishing in third ahead of them were The Tokerina of Time on their return to Trivia Club! Our runners-up on the night with the M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

Winning their first Golden VHS at Farside, and fifth consecutive, nine points ahead of second with 155 points to break the Sesquicentennial Mark, and also notching a Triple Crown of Wednesday wins... for their TWENTIETH GOLDEN VHS on their ONE HUNDREDTH APPEARANCE... 2 FAST 2 CURIOUS! Not to mention they're now the Linear Championship Belt holders! They are just the sixth Century Team in Trivia Club history, and just the second of those teams to win a Golden VHS on their 100th appearance! 2 Fast 2 Curious competed in 90 events at Cardinal Rule, 8 at The Ace, and then 1 at The Rec Room before competing and winning at Farside!

 16/01/19 POINTS TABLE 
2 Fast 2 Curious 30.5 2 8 2 35 (77.5) 155
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 36 2 0 0 35 (73) 146
The Audibles 20 0 0 10 35 (65) 0
The Sharks 21.5 0 0 6 28 (50) 5.5
Kwik-E-Smarts 25 0 6 4 35 (25) 95
The Tokerina of Time 26.5 0 10 0 28 (64) 128.5
The Stouts 14.5 0 4 8 5 (31.5) 0
Congrats one more time to 2 Fast 2 Curious, and thank you to everyone who came out to Farside and made it such a wonderful and fun Wednesday night for Trivia Club! We'll see you again in THREE WEEKS for the next edition of Trivia Club at your Friendly Neighbourhood 'side on February 6th!

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