Top Ten Scoreboard for December 2018

December 27, 2018

  • To end our sixth calendar year of Trivia Club we welcome a wonderful mix of familiar and unfamiliar teams to the Monthly Scoreboard! With the number one spot in the Top Ten of December 2018 are 2 Fast 2 Curious continuing their take over of The Ace with the top score at our west-end location for the month as well on December 12th for what was also their fourth consecutive victory. 
  • The high score at The Rec Room for December belongs to Matt & Pat or Smartly Pretty, Hitchens Cup winners for 2018, who as I’m Sorry About Venom scored 170 points on December 4th
  • The highest score for a team that did not win the Golden VHS on the night goes to Trivia Newton John, though not the one you’re thinking of, who were one of four teams from December 4th at The Rec Room who finished in the Top Ten of December 2018. 
  • Festive Mongooses, our Christmas edition of the Fighting Mongoose, make it 11 for 12 in Monthly Scoreboard appearances for 2018! It’s an unprecedented feat for the team that also made the most appearances at a single location for the year and also won more Golden VHS tapes then any other team in 2018! They scored 129 points on December 10th for the top score at Hitch for December! 
  • The high score at Farside is the tenth highest score of the month, with the EDDTs with moustaches win their first Golden VHS in three attempts with 101 points on December 5th
  • The eleventh highest score, the closest point total to the Monthly Top Ten is also now the highest score at our first licensed location with The Rec Room outside of Toronto, at The Rec Room Masonville in London, Ontario! The Corny Cows scored 88 points on December 12th for the highest score outside of December 2018’s Top Ten! 
  • Bolstered by the four scores from December 4th, six of the Top Ten scores belong to teams competing at The Rec Room in December! Another two scores took place at Hitch, while teams at The Ace and Farside bookend the top and bottom of the scoreboard! 
  • The only team to make multiple appearances in December 2018’s Monthly Scoreboard are One Man Army +, with the +3 team coming in fourth on December 4th yet still outscoring the Golden VHS winning +2 one week later on December 11th
  • Making their third consecutive appearance on the Monthly Scoreboard, and as noted an amazing eleven of twelve appearances for 2018, the Fighting Mongooses! 2 Fast 2 Curious make their fifth consecutive appearance on the Monthly Scoreboard. Not Turner sees their consecutive appearance streak snapped at two months, even though they won a Golden VHS in December. One Man Army + make their second consecutive Scoreboard appearance. Smartly Pretty return to the Monthly Scoreboard a month after seeing their consecutive appearance streak broken. 
  • The Mean Team for December 2018, the team with the high score closest to the board average, are... the Festive Mongooses with 129 points (compared to the 131.1 point average)!

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