at The Rec Room: I'm Sorry About Venom, December 4th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

December 05, 2018

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It was a wonderfully competitive night of trivia, at The Rec Room, this past Tuesday night! Grand Champions from the east-end joined both regulars and newcomers in The Roundhouse to truly test the metal of the combined teams!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Smartly Pretty, tonight known as I'm Sorry About Venom, in first place! Six and a half points behind Matt & Pat were Trivia Newton John! Four points behind them were newcomers Vicks Vixens, while four and a half points behind them were their table mates Woody Woo! Rounding out the first round Top Five (top five, top five) were One Man Army +3, three points off of fourth! Just outside of the Top Five were Dead on the Inside, and two and a half points behind this returning team were The Rec Room regulars Suck It Trebek - the remix (now with an additional generation!), who were all tied up with another regular duo, tonight known as Biggie Smalls for Mayor!

This meant that their was a wide amount of points to not only to be made up, but a whole lot of possibilities in round two!  Tri-Pardo  saw One Man Army +3 roll the first category for six points, while Dead on the Inside rolled the second category for sixteen points, and Trivia Newton John finally rolled the third category for fourteen points! In total, this meant that thirty-six points were on the line! All teams, save for Suck It Trebek - the remix, would gain thirty points in the third round, while both Biggie Smalls for Mayor and I'm Sorry About Venom would both hit for the triple and gain all thirty-six points! This led to the  Trivia Finale , with I'm Sorry About Venom in the lead but at least half the field within range if they did not go all-in, or especially answer the Trivia Finale correctly! A half and a full point were left behind by a couple of teams, but otherwise it was an all-in kinda night...

When the dust settled, Biggie Smalls for Mayor had finished in third and set a new personal best high score, while Trivia Newton John were runners-up on the night... and the GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS for the first time at The Rec Room but for the SIXTH time overall... I'M SORRY ABOUT VENOM! Academy award nominee Michelle Williams would be proud, as the team set a new high score for The Rec Room in 2018, the third highest score all-time in The Roundhouse. Matt & Pat are now also a third location away from a Triple Crown!

 04/12/18 POINTS TABLE 
Suck It Trebek – the remix 27 -20 47 46 1
Dead on the Inside 29.5 30 59.5 59 0.5
Vicks Vixens 38.5 30 68.5 68.5 0
Biggie Smalls for Mayor 27 36 63 63 126
One Man Army +3 31 30 61 61 122
Trivia Newton John 42.5 30 72.5 72.5 145
Woody Woo 34 30 64 64 0
I’m Sorry About Venom 49 36 85 85 170
Congrats one more time to Matt & Pat, or I'm Sorry About Venom! Thank you to everyone who came out to The Hall this past Tuesday! It was a hell of a lot of fun, filling the space and putting on a show for you all! We'll see you again NEXT TUESDAY December 11th for the penultimate edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room for 2018!
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