at The Rec Room: Factinate, April 24th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 25, 2018

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In the penultimate event of the sixth anniversary of Trivia Club's Grand Championship, it was an all-new slate of teams out! New at least to the Grand Championship event, and the Grand Prix in which it housed, and also broadly new to The Rec Room! Along with a former Golden VHS winning team joining us, and a former Golden VHS winner DJing the event next door in The Hall, Trivia Club was housed on the night in Three10, testing the teams in town to play some game shows before playing some arcade games!

At the end of  Trivia Classic , though they were juuuust over on the Countdown Royale, the folks from had built enough of a lead to keep themselves in the first place spot for the candy swag! In the runner-up spot after one, was Reverb & Smart Tones, just a point behind! Two points behind them were Ye Olde Foode Partie, and a point behind them were Jason & Jason, otherwise known as Regal! Rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) was Brown Town, also known as Golden VHS winners at The Rec Room in February, the Galloping Gargoyles! Leading the rest of the field after the first round, outside the Top Five, were Yahoo Answers!

Round Two at The Rec Room saw things shift to  Tri-Pardo , with the three questions rolled for a combined forty-four points on the line! Factinate added twenty-five points to their score before losing nineteen of those points on a tricky third Tri-Pardo question! Thirty-three points were lost by Regal, putting them in the negative, while Reverb & Smart Tones lost eleven points! Yahoo Answers gained fourteen points, putting them one point ahead of Factinate in second place after two... while Brown Town gained twenty-five points, and the former Golden VHS winners found themselves in first place all of a sudden, leading into the Finale question!

In the  Trivia Finale , the field was liable to go all-in, across the board! This of course presented the possibility of a tie if all teams were unable to get the last answer correct! With the Finale answer... a tie did happen! A tie for the runner-up spot, as Yahoo Answers and Brown Town went all-in but were felled by the Finale! This left one dot com team left standing... Factinate!

Yes, now not only is home to all kinds of fascinating facts and powerful knowledge, but FACTINATE can also be called GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS of Trivia Club! They are the twenty-fifth Golden VHS Champ in The Rec Room's twenty-eight events, truly an impressive diversity of competition!

 24/04/18 POINTS TABLE 
Factinate 16 6 22 22 44
Regal 12 -33 -21 21 -42
Reverb & Smart Tones 15 -11 4 OUT --
Yahoo Answers 9 14 23 23 0
Brown Town 11 25 36 36 0
Congrats once more to Factinate, and thank you again to everyone who came out to The Rec Room to take part in the latest edition of Trivia Club, the game show within the game room! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY on May 1st for more trivia goodness, and remember you can reserve ahead to ensure your space! And keep an eye out for the FINALE results of the GCGP VI this coming Monday!
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