at The Rec Room: Three Holo-Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 2049, OSCAR NIGHT 2018 TRIVIA CHAMPS

March 07, 2018

Oscar! Oscar! Yes, in the spirit of the 90th edition of the Academy Awards, we held a screening of events at The Rec Room, and were also able to bring you a Red Carpet Trivia Spectacular. It was the second Trivia Club of the week at The Rec Room, and twenty-second overall on The Big Stage!
Trivia Classic would see the leaders after the first round be Three Holo-Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 2049 (featuring some sweet Atari ads, no doubt) with the early lead, and this was a team with such familiar Extra Curricular faces for Trivia Club folks as Matthew S., Sarah R., and Rob M. of the SNL Fantasy League, joined by two friends new to Trivia Club! Peaches 'n Cream were in second place, with some familiar Shaym-Aliens as part of the team. In third, making their debut at The Rec Room, as well as completely outside of Cardinal Rule, The Team Formerly Know As Last Place Team! They were tied with Oscar's Wilde, while a point behind third place tied for fifth were Team Mochi, and Fierce Brosnan! In seventh were Oscar the Grouch, followed by The Rec Room special event notables the Best Supporting Couple!, also known as Carl's FavePudding! Rounding out the first wave field were The Ferocious 5, featuring a former Golden VHS champ with Thundercats, and Black Canary!

With the initial four point lead, and then an additional thirty points in the Tri-Pardo round, the field were unable to catch-up to Three Billboards who hit for the triple and then doubled up in the Trivia Finale on Oscar night to bring home the Best Picture of Golden VHS victory! Oscar's Wilde wound up winding past their competition and finished as runners-up, with The Team Formerly Know As LPT in third!

 04/03/18 POINTS TABLE 
Oscar the Grouch 22.5 -2 20.5 20.5 41
Ferocious 5 20 -18 2 20 22
Team Mochi 24 18 42 6 48
Team Formerly Known
As Last Place Team
25 2 27 27 54
Oscar’s Wilde 25 10 35 35 70
Fierce Brosnan 24 -2 22 22 0
Three Holo-Billboards Outside
Ebbing, Missouri 2049
31 30 61 61 122
Black Canary 10 -30 -20 20 -40
Peaches ‘n Cream 27 -2 25 25 50
Best Supporting Couple! 21.5 -2 19.5 19.5 39
Nooooooo-wah! -- -26 -26 26 0
Dan & Friends -- 26 26 26 52

Congrats to GOLDEN VHS Champs on Sunday, THREE HOLO-BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI 2049! Thank you to everyone who came out and took part in the Oscar night festivities, and a further congrats to Bogdon T. of the Best Supporting Couple!, who won The Rec Room Oscar Pool with 20 correct picks! He won himself $100 gift card! Nicely done! Keep an eye out for more special trivia events such as this, at The Rec Room Roundhouse!
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