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March 29, 2018

Live from The Ace, it was our sophomore return edition of the late night Trivia Club spectacular in our original neighborhood of Roncesvalles! A return of trivia to The Ace, and also for Trivia Club to the west, saw half the field from two weeks ago return for more, while also seeing a familiar team from days past make their return to Wednesday! At the end of the night though, only one team could win the Golden VHS!

 Trivia Classic  had TWO teams in the top spot after round one, with The Simple Minds, the runners-up at our inaugural event, even with The Ace Holes, a team consisting with familiar guests of the familiar father/son Unusual Suspects duo, and there friends! Just three points behind in third were Krang’s Abs, two weeks ago known as Mouse Head and formerly also known as Chillasaurus! In fourth were Trivial Knowledge, returning to a Roncesvalles location for trivia, after breaking away from Cardinal Rule nights past with an appearance at Hitch in February! Rounding out The Ace field were Killin’ It, sat at the bar, looking to continue that bar magic from our first night!

 Game Show Games  in round two saw The Ace Holes, in the window seat, plus one there window mates Krang's Abs for the TOP TEN, while Abs added eight points. Survey Says then saw Krang's Abs grab the TOP TEN, while The Ace Holes were the only team left pointless! Finally in Combo Breakdown, it was The Ace Holes who were the last team standing with FOURTEEN POINTS to their name!

This meant that heading into round three, our  Tri-Pardo  round, that The Ace Holes had regained their lead, but now Krang's Abs weren't far behind! Killin’ It rolled for the first question and hit for fourteen. They were followed by Krang's Abs who rolled a TWENTY, becoming the first team to roll the nat 20, two events in a row! Finally The Simple Minds rolled thirteen points for the third category! This meant that forty-seven points were up for the taking! Both Trivial Knowledge and Killin' It played it safe, while Krang's Abs and The Simple Minds were both hit for twenty points on the second question, though those Simple Minds regained fourteen points from the first question! Finally The Ace Holes swung on the third question and lost thirteen points, meaning that no team got out of the third round with a net positive!

Heading into the  Finale , this meant that The Ace Holes still had the lead, though they were only six points up on Trivial Knowledge, who were six points up themselves on Krang's Abs, and The Simple Minds were two points below the twenty point mark before the Finale! This meant that The Simple Minds could wager with house money, and they did, going all-in and then some, putting twenty points on the line. Krang's Abs left eight points on the table, while all other teams went all-in or more! Ultimately the Finale proved tricky, with a wide array of answers... and just a single team getting the correct answer down on the paper! It wasn't Krang's Abs, though they improved on their standing from two weeks ago and finished as runners-up on the night with eight points! Ending the night with thirty-eight points however, and the win...

Taking home their FIRST GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP... THE SIMPLE MINDS! They also improve on their runner-up finish from the 14th, and take home the Golden VHS on their second night out at The Ace Trivia Club as the only team to correctly answer the last question!

 28/03/18 POINTS TABLE 
Trivial Knowledge 16 0 8 2 0 (26) 0
Krang’s Abs 18 8 10 4 -20 (12) 8
Ace Holes 21 10 0 14 -13 (32) 0
The Simple Minds 21 0 2 1 -6 (20) 38
Killin’ It 5 0 6 0 0 (20) -9
Congrats once again to The Simple Minds, and thank you again to everyone at The Ace and all the great teams who came out and had such a fun night of quiz show goodness! We'll see you again at our late show game at The Ace, on April 11th as we jump into the sixth annual Grand Championship Grand Prix, celebrating our SIXTH YEAR of Trivia Club in Toronto!
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