at The Rec Room: Better Late..., January 9th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 10, 2018

 W ith our sweet sixteenth edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room in full swing in 2018, we were back at the upper-level of the Three10 restaurant! A competitive crowd came out to compete for $100 game bands for the arcade floor! Would another new team win the Golden VHS, or would it be one of our always competitive and even a little controversial regulars who would take it home in this Face/Off?! With a little luck, game, and learning!

 Trivia Classic  saw the lead, and the first dibs at prizes, go to Green Eggs & Spam! They chose those sweet t-shirts! Two points behind in the second place spot, with candy waiting for them, were Better Late... Than Pregnant! If that name is familiar to you... we need to talk. I kid. A team has won the Golden VHS under the name at Cardinal Rule, but these aren't those guys, but in fact the equally named, Our Couch Pulls Out... But We Don't! They were hoping a new name could only help win their first Golden VHS on their seventh night, but first they'd have to deal with the competition of The Rec-ing Balls, who were just one point behind in third. One point behind them in fourth were The Answeroid- A Mass Trivia Event! In fifth, rounding out the TOP FIVE (top five, top five) were The Quizzes! Their table mates, the Quiz Kidz, were two points behind in sixth! Rounding out the first round field were Team USA, and Bronze Alone Count!

 Tri-Pardo  brought all the more points for teams to win, though the mix itself proved all the more unpredictable! Team USA rolled the first category for a single point, the first time that this has happened at The Rec Room! This was followed up by The Rec-ing Balls roll nineteen points on the second category! Then on the third category, Bronze Alone Count grabbed six points! This led to a dangerous second question for a number of teams, including the Very Stable Geniuses, who along with the second question, lost points on the first and third to put them into a negative eleven point position before the Finale! Green Eggs & Spam with held from answering in Tri-Pardo, but followed that up with an early exit before the Finale! This left regulars at The Rec Room, Better Late... in the lead with five points before the last question!

This was an exceptional situation for the  Finale , as every team was playing with house money... the idea that if you have less then twenty points, you can wager up to twenty points. Only The Rec-ing Balls wagered less then twenty. Every other team bet the farm, and this meant we could have a winner on the night with negative points! It was not to be however, as the Finale proved attainable, in the end only taking down The Answeroid as if it were Bruce Willis drilling for oil! This meant that, after seven appearance... making them so far the team with the most appearances at Trivia Club at The Rec Room (one more then the six appearances by Team Name, and Oh Shoot!)....

Winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS... and with a new-ish name to immortalize in gold, BETTER LATE... THAN PREGNANT!

Congrats once again, Better Late... and thank you as well to all the wonderful folks who came out to compete at the Greatest Game Show in Toronto! Remember we are back in THREE WEEKS, on January 30th to close out our first month of 2018, and jump right back into a weekly Tuesday schedule after that, in February! We should also be back on the big stage, in The Hall! Huzzah!
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