at Farside: Trevor Tyres, November 16th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 17, 2017

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 F arside had been waiting for us all these months, and wouldn't you know it... the cozy colorful bar at 600 Gerrard St East with birthday cake and ace cocktails is an excellent fit for Trivia Club! Yes, there is something about the Golden VHS that goes so well with this Turbo Video Zone! Thank you to Mike and Rachel once again for making such a perfect space for a game show such as this, an easy travel on the College and King streetcars and an easy hop from the Dundas and Queen cars as well!

 Trivia Classic  saw a couple of familiar teams, though amongst them also a whole lot of new faces and participants! Leading the night from the end of our first round were Quiz In My Pants, yes a new team with a familiar refrain, but only one and a half point behind them were Team Name! Yes, one of our most participatory teams in the history of Trivia Club had traveled out on an off week for The Rec Room, to mix it up in a whole new Trivia Club world! Five points off the lead were the friendliest rival of Quiz, The Megans! The original members of Wookiee of the Year returned to Trivia Club, now known as Quiz Markie, and were just a half point behind The Megans! Quiz Markie was tied with Trevor Tyres, a post-production house in the 'hood doing some team building, while only half a point behind these two teams were Two Shades of Grey (and boy did they wear those two shades)! In seventh but only eight and a half off the lead was, making his second appearance in four day, our reigning Golden VHS Champ at Hitch the Phenomenal Pholks from Laramie Cigarettes! Rounding wild and wooly field were the tragic Bambie's Mom (aaaaaw), and Trivia Schmivia!

 Game Show Games  threatened to shake up this tightly contested field, with The Phenomenal Folks from Laramie Cigarettes grabbing the first TOP TEN from Countdown Takedown, along with Team Name! Yes, two TOP TEN takes on our first night! Quiz Markie was one away but grabbed six points, while The Megans grabbed four points and Trevor Tyres got two points. Trevor Tyres then got the TOP TEN in Survey Says, while The Megans got another eight points, Quiz In My Pants grabbed four points, and Quiz Markie got another two points! Combo Breakdown then let all the remaining teams to gain at least a single point in the second round! Ultimately it was a stand-off between Quiz Markie and the Phenomenal Folks from Laramie Cigarettes! Quiz Markie's point advantage would prove their undoing however... as the Phenomenal Folk was left last team standing for THIRTEEN POINTS!

 Tri-Pardo  ahead, it was Laramie in the lead but only slightly against a wonderfully competitive field! In the third round the three questions were worth thirty-four points, after Trevor Tyres rolled the first question for thirteen points, Team Name rolled the second question for eleven points, and the Phenomenal Pholks from Laramie Cigarettes grabbed the third question for ten points! This meant things could stay tight but could also tip one way or another on a single question as we swayed towards the Finale at the 'side! Two Shades of Grey actually lost two points in the third, while the Phenomenal Folks gained ten points! This wasn't enough to say ahead of the fray however, as Quiz In My Pants grabbed twenty-three points to jump ahead, but Team Name stayed ahead of QIMP with twenty-three of their own. Quiz Markie shifted into third by hitting the triple! Also getting all three questions correct and gaining eighty-one points before the Finale, three points ahead of Quiz Markie, were Trevor Tyres, while just HALF a point ahead of Tyres and gaining the lead before the Finale question were The Megans!

 Finale  wagering then brought into relief what could possibly happen on the night, as the Phenomenal Folks from Laramie Cigarettes didn't bet a thing since it worked out quite well for them on Monday. Going all-in were Trevor Tyres, while Team Name went all-in as well. Quiz Markie wagered twenty-two points, while leaving two and a half points on the board were The Megans... which unknowingly gave Trevor Tyres the upper-hand if all teams got the last question correct by one and a half point! Yes, a photo finish was a possibility... except it proved Finale question. One that only two teams were able to answer correctly. Finishing as runners-up on the night were actually friends of The Megans, Quiz In My Pants!

The other team to answer that Finale question correctly, thus winning the FIRST GOLDEN VHS at FARSIDE... their first Golden VHS, as well... TREVOR TYRES! With their 162 points, they also become not only the first team to cross the Sesquicentenial Mark at our own VCR living room writ large, but the thirty-fifth team to cross that Mark overall!

 16/11/17 POINTS TABLE 
Team Name 37 10 0 2 23 (72) 0
Quiz In My Pants 38.5 0 4 2 23 (67) 134.5
The Megans 33.5 4 8 2 34 (79) 2.5
Trivia Schmivia 16.5 0 0 2 23 (40) 1.5
Trevor Tyres 33 2 10 2 34 (81) 162
Quiz Markie 33 2 10 2 34 (22) 56
Two Shades of Grey 32.5 0 0 1 -2 (31.5) 0
Phenomenal Folks
from Laramie Cigarettes
30 10 0 13 10 (0) 63
Congrats Trevor Tyres, and thank you to everyone at Farside for making it such an exceptionally fun debut! We can't wait to return DECEMBER 14th for the sophomore special event at the place with the Studio! Remember it's not what you know, it's what you learn along the way!
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