at The Rec Room: Team Name, October 10th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 11, 2017

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ack at The Rec Room for the first time after a week away, it was a night of firsts! First appearances, reappearances, first head to head between former Champions at our premiere location… and wouldn't you know it, first multiple time winners in The Hall!

Trivia Classic began with a full house in The Hall ready for a raucous Tuesday night of Trivia Club, and Team Name returned to once again establish themselves as the team name to watch out for at The Rec Room! These long-time Cardinal Rule mainstays have become all-new regulars at the Roundhouse, and they were not without competition! Double Helix Time Ladies were just four points behind them in second place, while only half a point behind the Ladies were Your Moms Your Dad! You Can Account On Me also finished with more then thirty points after the first round, while Asparagus Marketing finished out the first round's Top Five! Oh Shoot! the reigning VHS Champs from two weeks ago were a point out, in sixth place, and a half point ahead of Minimally Acceptable. Jules & the Fools, civily waring friends of Oh Shoot! were in eighth, while the Champs from this past Wednesday at Cardinal Rule, on this night going by another familiar name in Our Couch Pulls Out... were in ninth, their friends Workin' Moms were in tenth, and the Baby Ducks rounded out the field tied with We Thought This Was Speed Dating (potentially making their third appearance at The Rec Room, though potentially just a popular team name)!

Game Show Games began with Countdown Takedown, and gave the first TOP TEN of round two to the folks at the front of The Hall, Your Moms Your Dad! You Can Account On Me grabbed eight points, while Jules & the Fools and Minimally Acceptable both grabbed six points, leaving We Thought This Was Speed Dating to round things out for the two points in the first game! Box Office Bulls-eye proved a bit trickier, as only The Baby Ducks and Workin' Moms were able to grab two points from our second game! Finally the third round wrapped up with Survey Says, and this gave Oh Shoot!, You Can Account On Me, Our Couch Pulls Out..., Minimally Acceptable, and We Thought This Was Speed Dating all a chance to grab the TOP TEN! With Survey Says wrapping up the second round, You Can Account On Me grabbed the most points in round two AND grabbed the lead! Your Moms Your Dad was now in second place, followed by Minimally Acceptable, Team Name, and Oh Shoot! rounding out the Top Five!

Finally in Tri-Pardo, the first category was rolled for six points, the second category was rolled for seventeen points, and third category was rolled for nineteen points, making a triple in the Pardo worth a possible FORTY-TWO POINTS! Though no team was able to grab such a number, Team Name were able to get the big swing second and third questions correct for thirty-six points! Not far off from the newly re-established leads after each grabbing twenty-three points in round three were You Can Account On Me, just three points away from Team Name, Your Moms Your Dad, four and a half points behind behind, and Oh Shoot! just half a point away from sixty points heading into the Finale!

The Finale, and the answer their in would give a chance for The Rec Room to either crown a new Champion, see our first repeat Champions.... or see our first two-time Champions in The Hall! It was certainly tight affair and finishing just six and a half points off the lead on their first night out... You Can Account On Me were runners-up! Also topping 100 points once again were Oh Shoot! although in a repeat from two weeks ago in their climb up the standings, they were not able to repeat as Champions on the night. Ultimately, The Team in The Hall at The Rec Room, a familiar face for Trivia Club and a now familiar face at The Big Stage...

TEAM NAME now TWO-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS at The Rec Room, twenty-three time Champs overall on their 152nd appearance, and fourth at The Rec Room! Congrats to Team Name, winning the night with 149 points, one off from crossing that Sesquicentennial Mark!

Oh Shoot! 26.5 0 0 10 23 (59.5) 119
You Can Account On Me 30.5 8 0 10 23 (71) 142.5
Our Couch Pulls Out… 23 0 0 10 0 (31) 64
Your Moms Your Dad 32 10 0 2 23 (17) 50
Double Helix Time Ladies 32.5 0 0 2 -2 (32) 64.5
Team Name 36.5 0 0 2 36 (74.5) 149
The Baby Ducks 16 0 2 0 0 (0) 18
Jules & the Fools 23.5 6 0 2 -13 (18) 36.5
Workin’ Moms 20.5 0 2 0 0 (22.5) 45
Minimally Acceptable 26 6 0 10 11 (53) 106
We Thought This Was Speed Dating 16 2 0 10 -6 (22) 44
Thank you to ALL the teams that came out to compete, making it a grand ol' game show at The Rec Room! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY for another edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room! We'll see you just five days after THAT for a special Walking Dead edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room, as part of the Season EIGHT premiere party, and of course we'll round out October with another edition of Trivia Club on October the 24th! Yes, after taking a week off we've got soooo much trivia to look forward to in our next two weeks! See you then!
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