at Cardinal Rule: Cunning Stunts, October 11th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

October 12, 2017

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 F ive-hundred events. With ten events in our first ten months at Cardinal Rule, we could have never expected to reach 500. It took us ten months to get to 10 events. But then we began expanding from our Original Home before the end of 2013, and before the end of 2014 a monthly show had become multiple weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly events, and we had already passed one-hundred. Since then we've crossed another hundred plus each year… and in September as we brought a weekly event to three locations across Toronto for the first time, it all came back to Cardinal Rule. With 100 events at Hitch, and 5 events at The Rec Room, coupled with 130 events at our previous location Lou Dawgs, 12 at Wychwood Pub, 11 at Handlebar, 2 at Gladstone Hotel, as well as 5 one-off and special events (including Opera Trivia with the Canadian Opera Company), our 235th edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule was also the 500th edition of Trivia Club.

Trivia Classic saw the Electric Bastards (Worldwide) with the lead after round one. The Cunning Stunts were eight points behind in second place. Last Place Team were two and a half points back in third place, while a pair of M. Night Shaym-Aliens, known collectively as the Cloud Pleasers, were in fourth. Just half a point behind, rounding out the Top Five were new comers Date Night, followed by Lt. Dance’s Barenstein Barenaked Ladies, and None Of Your Quizness rounding out the 500 field!

Game Show Games, on this big night of round numbers, saw the return of CHIPS for the first time since Cardinal Rule #200, and only the second time since the Chip Era came to a close! The Green Chip could be used to Trust in another team before they answered in Countdown Takedown or Survey Says! Though it was a tricky Takedown, the Cunning Stunts grabbed the TOP TEN! They also picked up four points for trusting in the Electric Bastards! For trusting in the Cunning Stunts, the Barenstein Barenaked Ladies, and Date Night also grabbed ten points! Date Night grabbed six points as well, while Cloud Pleasers grabbed eight points, and Last Place Team also grabbed four points, since the Electric Bastards chose the same number that they had chosen! Survey Says saw more trust, the remaining trust, as the Cloud Pleaser, Electric Bastards, and Last Place Team all put their green on the Cunning Stunts... and the Cunning Stunts grabbed another TOP TEN! Cloud Pleasers would nab another eight points, while Date Night picked up six points, and Last Place Team got themselves two points! The four spot proved too tricky to pick however! Finally in Combo Breakdown, it was a field for the ages, as the room went three full rounds before teams began to fall! Ultimately, it was a FIFTEEN POINT win for Last Place Team who outlasted Cloud Pleasers! It was ultimately a very successful round two for both teams, as they both grabbed an almost unheard of thirty-one points in round two!


Heading into Tri-Pardo, this left Last Place Team half a point ahead of the Cunning Stunts, who themselves were two points ahead of the Electric Bastards! Cloud Pleasers as well were only two and a half points behind those Bastards who are Electric! This meant our third round could and would be making some room for teams leading into the Finale! Date Night chose the first category and then rolled for six points, None of Your Quizness rolled for eighteen points for the second category, and finally for the third category the Cunning Stunts rolled for sixteen points! Hitting for the TRIPLE, and grabbing the maximum FORTY POINTS in round three were the Electric Bastards (Worldwide), and the Cunning Stunts! Grabbing thirty-four points, shifting them into third place before the Finale were Date Night, while gaining eighteen points and falling just four and a half points behind in fourth were Last Place Team! This suddenly left Cloud Pleasers from being just off the lead to needing to get lucky with the four teams in front of them!

In the Finale, it was the Stunts and the Electric, the two halves of the 2017 Grand Championship photo finish, going all-in! Well, the Electric Bastards left half a point on the board... but with the point left behind by Last Place Team, and the fifty-four left on the board by the Cloud Pleasers then the Electric Bastards were going to have to hope for a incorrect answer from the Cunning Stunts, a correct for themselves, and nothing else. The Electric Bastards would get the Finale correct, and notched the sixteenth time that the Mayhem Electric crossed the Sesquicentennial Mark while also being the fourth time the team had crossed two-hundred points! On this night though, that would give them the runner-up spot.

Four and a half points ahead, with 207 points, the seventeenth time that they had crossed the Sesquicentennial Mark, the third time that they had crossed the two-hundred point plateau, and now SIXTY-TWO time GOLDEN VHS Champs, and THIRTY-FIVE time CHAMPS at Cardinal Rule bringing them even at our Original Home with Electric Mayhem for most wins... the winners of TRIVIA CLUB 500... the CUNNING STUNTS!

Winners of the 100th edition of Trivia Club overall, not to mention the 200th at Cardinal Rule, and now the 500th edition of Trivia Club overall... featuring a man on their team who played at our very first event... congrats to the Cunning Stunts!

Last Place Team 33 4 2 (10) 15 18 (81) 1
Electric Bastards 43.5 4 (10) 4 40 (101) 202.5
Cunning Stunts 35.5 10 (4) 10 4 40 (103.5) 207
Cloud Pleasers 28 8 8 (10) 5 0 (5) 54
Barenstein Barenaked Ladies 25.5 (10) 0 3 -24 (20) -5.5
Date Night 27.5 6 (10) 6 3 34 (20) 66.5
None of Your Quizness 24.5 0 0 4 -8 (20.5) 0
Thank you to everyone who came out Wednesday as well, in celebrating all the events that have taken place to make Trivia Club what it is, and what it can change to... week after week, and month after month! Thank you. Here is to another 500, and another! See you all NEXT WEDNESDAY!
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