Top Ten Scoreboard for August 2017

September 02, 2017

  • As was stated on the Monthly Scoreboard last month, July of 2016 was the last time that a score of less then 90 points appeared on the Scoreboard. Though the tenth highest score is higher this month then last month, their were more scores below 90 points then ever before! 
  • David Bowie's Corporate Whores make their fifth consecutive appearance on the Monthly Scoreboard, while Last Place Team make their fourth consecutive month on the Monthly Scoreboard! Also making their third consecutive appearances on the Monthly Scoreboard are the Cunning Stunts and Trivial Knowledge
  • The top score of August of 2017, and the top score at Cardinal Rule for the month, belongs to David Bowie's Corporate Whores! They're 176 points on August 2nd is one of two appearances on the Monthly Scoreboard for DB's CW, along with the second highest score of the month! 
  • Last Place Team, along with Treasure Butt, also make multiple appearances on the Monthly Scoreboard! Treasure Butt's top score of the month is a Golden VHS winning score, and seven points more then a score that saw them earn a runner-up spot. Last Place Team also won a Golden VHS with their highest score of the month, with their second highest score of the month just one and a half points behind it (and good for third place on August 9th)! 
  • Treasure Butt has the highest score of August for a team who did not in the Golden VHS on the night, with their 77 points on August 2nd, though yes they would go on to win the next week. 
  • The Fighting Mongooses, the newcomers who won both Golden VHS tapes at Hitch for the month of August, had the tenth highest score of August 2017 but the top score at the friendly neighborhood Hitch! Their 50 points on August 7th also brings the first tie to the Scoreboard, alongside the Date Night Shaym-Aliens, since a three-way tie in June created a ten-team top eight. 
  • The twelfth highest score of the month (thanks to the tie at tenth) belongs to The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes, who scored 48 points at Hitch on August 7th, finishing two points behind The Fighting Mongooses
  • The Mean Team for August, the high score closest to the scoreboard average, are Treasure Butt!
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