at Cardinal Rule: Last Place Team, August 30th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

August 31, 2017

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 W ith our return to the Original Home of Trivia Club for the end of August for our 229th event, the end of summer was fast approaching as was a September to Remember! Cardinal Rule presented by Steam Whistle, saw a wonderful mix of returning teams from last week, from last month, and from last year all coming together to compete against one another!

The Ticklish Boys (?) returned for their first Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule since our 145th edition, and led the field after Trivia Classic! As the team that ended The |||||||| Redacted's THREEpeat hopes way back when, they were obviously a team not to be trifled with! Tickled... with? Three and a half points behind them, fresh off their 60th Golden VHS win the week before, were defending Linear Championship Belt holders the Cunning Stunts! Half a point behind the Stunts were Last Place Team, making an impressive 31st consecutive appearance! A record for consecutive appearances at a Trivia Club event! A point behind them were Good Luck Trivia Club, while rounding out the field of five were Trivial... Knowledge!

Game Show Games then brought an unpredictable Countdown Takedown, which after a failed started, saw Last Place Team grab the TOP TEN while the Cunning Stunts took eight points, and Trivial Knowledge picked up six! Then in Survey Says (?) it was the Ticklish Boys (?) who grabbed the TOP TEN just moments after over wagering on the Countdown, the Cunning Stunts picked up another eight points to give themselves the mid-way lead, and Good Luck Trivia Club, Last Place Team, and Trivial Knowledge also proved good for points! Combo Breakdown broke down the rest of the field, with Last Place Team outlasting Good Luck Trivia Club with SIXTEEN POINTS to their name, rocking them into the lead for the first time on the night, before round three!

Tri-Pardo proved a tricky mix, as the first category was rolled for thirteen points, the second category was rolled for five points, and the third category was chosen by Trivial Knowledge for the second week in a row (Like Mike, in honor of Mike!) was rolled by Mike for sixteen points! Wildly enough, only two of the five teams escaped the trio of questions unscathed, and even then... points were in someway lost by all but one team! The Cunning Stunts picked up 18 points on the first and second questions, while the Ticklish Boys (?) got the first questions correct, but got the second questions incorrect for 8 points! Last Place Team slipped into third place, as they got the first and third questions incorrect but answered the second questions correctly.

This led to the Finale with the Cunning Stunts in a fourteen and a half point lead on their nearest competition, the Ticklish Boys (?), with the other teams hoping for a twist of fate for the winningest team in Trivia Club history! And wouldn't you know it, some weeks you can get just that! Yes, it was the rare time when not just the first but also second place team going into the Finale both get the last question incorrect, leaving fate in the hands of the field! Trivial Knowledge finished as runners-up with 37.5 points!

Winning their TWELFTH Golden VHS, allowing them to bypass the M. Night Shaym-Aliens in both Golden VHS wins and appearances at Cardinal Rule, where LAST PLACE TEAM! Just when they thought had slipped away from them in Tri-Pardo, it swept back because of the misstep from not one but two teams!
Cunning Stunts 26 8 8 2 18 (62) 0
Ticklish Boy (?) 29.5 0 10 0 8 (47) 0.5
Good Luck Trivia Club 24.5 -- 6 5 -24 (11.5) 0
Trivial Knowledge 17.5 6 2 0 -8 (20) 37.5
Last Place Team 25.5 10 4 16 -24 (31) 62.5
Congrats to Last Place Team, enjoy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie in all its Golden glory! Thank you again as well to MIKE, and of course to all the wonderful folks who came out to compete this past Wednesday at Cardinal Rule, as we closed out the summer and swung into the September to Remember... a month that will forever change Trivia Club!

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