at Hitch: Quiztin Tarantino, June 12th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

June 13, 2017

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 J une began on our east-end with birthday wishes behind the bar, and another round of competition in front of it! Yes, in our Limited bi-weekly Edition of the Greatest Game Show in Toronto, we would have to see if the trend of new Champs continued at Hitch!
After the first round of Trivia Classic, it was Quiztin Tarantino with the lead! Quiztin being a mix of Wookiee (happy birthday Niel, enjoy that Germaphobes tour!) and Rumpet alumni, with new faces as well! They had nine points on their nearest competitors, Lt. Dance! Our all-timers from Lou Dawgs were looking to bring home the final piece of the Triple Crown. Newcomers the Leslie Knopes were a point and a half behind in third, with Palm Bay Breakfast rounding out the field!

Game Show Games began with a rare miss for the field, on the Countdown Takedown that saw no one pick up points! Survey Says was another story however, when Lt. Dance picked up the TOP TEN, while Quiztin Tarantino grabbed eight points, and the Leslie Knopes grabbed two points. In Combo Breakdown, Palm Bay Breakfast were blanked again, giving them a pointless second round. Quiztin Tarantino also fell, leaving them with two points, but as the last team standing… Lt. Dance picked up NINE points, bringing them even with Quiztin heading into the final frame!

With the field as tight as it was, and Palm Bay looking to play spoilers… Tri-Pardo was going to prove as instrumental as ever! After an entire night spent chasing Tarantino, Lt. Dance gained 35 points to Quiztin’s 26 points in round three to jump into the lead, while Palm Bay Breakfast snatched 11 points! It was a third round were the first question was worth 6 points, the second question was rolled for a natural 20 points, and the third question was still an exceptionally solid 15 points!

With the lead going into the Finale, Lt. Dance wagered against the field of you will, by putting 22 of their 80 points on the line, while Quiztin Tarantino and Palm Bay Breakfast went all in! This meant that with all teams wrong, the night would go to Lt. Dance, but if either of the other teams got the Finale correct or if they all did… the advantage would swing there way!

Fittingly the Golden VHS went to the only team to answer correctly, and to the them went there FIRST Golden VHS! Finishing with 142 points, continuing the theme of first time winners at Hitch in 2017 (Grand Championships and Good Folks threepeat not withstanding) QUIZTIN TARANTINO!
Palm Bay Breakfast 19 0 0 0 11 (30) 0
Quiztin Tarantino 35 0 8 2 26 (71) 142
Lt. Dance 26 0 10 9 35 (22) 58
The Leslie Knopes 24.5 0 2 0 OUT (--) --
Congrats once more for their Heavyweight win! Thank you as well to the other wonderful folks who came out and made it such a fun night in Toronto's East end! See you all again in TWO WEEKS for our next night at Hitch on June 26th!
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