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July 12, 2017

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Trivia Club's comic book podcast, in which Gabe Rudyk (email him about podcast recording), Anthony Couto (email/twitter), and Colm Whitford (facebook/instagram), are joined by Trivia Club's Russel Harder (twitter) to talk about all things comic books, whether they be the DC, Marvel, movies, TV, or independent comics, and how they relate to the history of comic books!

 Latest Episode 

B.P.R.D. - a SPOOKY Podcast to Astonish
With the fourteenth issue of The Panel talk about the spooky procedural that is the B.P.R.D. story Plague of Frogs! Russel is away for this episode, Rust in Peace, but he IS alive... and speaking of alive, so is the small town that Abe Sapian and the crew find themselves in! It's an expertly told spooky story, with some stellar art by Guy Davis who proved to be the perfect addition to a universe that for so long was only shown through the lense of Mignola's pens and pencils.
 Other episodes 
Batman v. Superman - an ALL-NEW Podcast to Astonish
In this super-valuable inaugural episode we won't let the film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice rest! But we will look at it through the perspective of Superman (vol. 1) #76, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, and the Death of Superman storyline of the 90's!

DC Rebirth - an INFINITE Podcast to Astonish
In this infinitely enjoyable second episode, talk turns to DC Comics currently ongoing Rebirth! The conversation took place before the release of Rebirth #1, and its newly associated titles, so there isn't any opinions yet on DC's plan moving forward, but The Panel do look back! Included is a discussion on everything from the first Crisis to DC You, as well as their hopes and dreams for DC Rebirth!

Dr. Strange: The Oath - a SENSATIONAL Podcast to Astonish
In our third episode, we talk about the Marvel Comics mini-series, Dr. Strange: The Oath by writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Marcos Martin. We also look ahead to the upcoming Marvel Studios Dr. Strange film starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Maxx - a SURREAL Podcast to Astonish
In our fourth episode, The Panel discussion turns to the seminal surreal comic book of the 90's, The Maxx! We delve into the IDW Publishing The Maxx: Maxximized reprint, as well as the MTV produced cartoon, and talk much more about literal comic book panels then ever before! Seriously, this is were we earn the name.

Planetary - a STRANGE Podcast to Astonish
With episode five we are super-sized, and without Anthony Couto, as we take on the mammoth task of introducing Warren Ellis and John Cassidy's Planetary, the comic book about super hero archeologists, to a readership that may not have read it yet (Gabe in fact was 3/4's through the story, in fact), while also celebrate what is truly among the pantheon of comic books. We also touch on our excitement for Warren Ellis' upcoming Wild Storm comic book line with DC Comics!

Jack Kirby's Eternals by Neil Gaiman - an ALL-POWERFUL Podcast to Astonish
With episode six we are once again without Anthony Couto, as we dive into the Jack Kirby created world of Marvel's The Eternals, brought back into the spotlight within a limited series in the summer of 2006 by Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. to coincide with the first Civil War event. Not only the style of the seven-issue collected series is discussed, but also the theory of it and it's deep connection to "Chariots of the Gods?" and that book's influence on not only Gaiman's series, but Kirby's initial concepts.

Kingdom Come - an APOCALYPTIC Podcast to Astonish
With episode seven we are rejoined by Anthony Couto, as we talk about the story of and influence of Kingdom Come, Gabe Rudyk's first choice up for discussion! Not only do we delve into what influenced Kingdom Come, but what Mark Waid and Alex Ross' epic DC comics super-hero apocalypse ended up influencing!

Howard the Duck - a PRESIDENTIAL Podcast to Astonish
With episode eight we return from our holiday break for the first episode of 2017, with a long-awaited episode recorded in mid-December of 2016 hosted by Anthony Couto, who chose the book, and Russel Harder! With Howard the Duck they jumped into Marvel's Essential Collection of Howard the Duck which collected the origin of Howard the Duck in Giant Sized Man-Thing, as well as the lone duck in a world of men's run for President! Also, Howard the Duck's creator Steve Gerber of course gets a lot of love.

Atomic Robo - an ATOMIC Podcast to Astonish
With episode nine the gang is all there to talk about Atomic Robo, more specifically it's first Eisner-nominated limited series Atomic Robo and The Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne, while also talking about what the creators of Atomic Robo have done to redefine what it means to be an independent comic book creator.


Monstress - a MONSTROUS Podcast to Astonish
With a big TENTH episode the guys talk about Monstress, the epic fantasy comic series written by Marjorie Liu that is drawn by Sana Takeda! Digging into the first volume of the series, Awakening, they delve into the dense history of the series and the beautiful art... while also making sure to note the 25th Anniversary of the books publisher Image Comics!

Dark Night: A True Batman Story - a TRUE Podcast to Astonish
With the eleventh episode The Panel talk about Paul Dini's incredibly personal Dark Night: A True Batman Story, an autobiographical look at the most important time of his life... first for the worse, but potentially for the better? It's beautifully drawn by the incredibly talented Argentine artist Eduardo Risso, and published under DC's Vertigo imprint.

X-Men: Second Coming - an UNCANNY Podcast to Astonish
With the twelfth episode The Panel talk about X-Men: Second Coming, a massive line-wide crossover that saw a true transition for mutants in the Marvel comics universe.
Copra - a DIRTY Podcast to Astonish
With the thirteenth episode The Panel talk about the dirty works of Michel Fiffe's COPRA! Though Colm is unable to attend, The Panel parts the book on display and dives right into the wonderful weirdness of it all! They also give their r-r-recommendations on all sorts of other things, before previewing what we'll be reading next!

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