at Hitch: Team Discovery Channel, July 10th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

July 11, 2017

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 I t was a great mix of folks, Phenomenal even, at Hitch this past Monday as our Limited Edition location on the east end brought together all sorts of fun times and memorable moments!

After the first round of Trivia Classic, returning for the third time with a new name but familiar faces (and friends) Quiztin Tarantino were on THIS night known as Quiz In My Pants, a recognisable name but a goody! Speaking of recognisable were the second place teams after our Classic round, Team Discovery Channel! A new duo, the team however featured one half of our fourteenth Golden VHS winners at Hitch, the Sackvillains! Just two points behind Team Discovery Channel, were The Phenomenal Pholks phrom Laramie Cigarettes! In forth was our Lt. Dance rep, now a familiar face on the east end, as the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814!

Round two, our Game Show Games, saw Countdown Takedown start off with two teams putting points on the board. The Phenomenal Pholks phrom Laramie Cigarettes grabbed eight points, while a newly entering team, called Pesto Sliders, nabbed the TOP TEN and jumped on the board! In Survey Says, it would be the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 who would get that TOP TEN, while Laramie Cigarettes got another eight points! Team Discovery Channel also got themselves on the Game Show board with six Survey points! Finally in Combo Breakdown it would come down to Quiz in my Pants and the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814! A tale as old as time. Though Quiz in my Pants would hold on, and win FOURTEEN POINTS as the last team standing! Not only did the final Game Show Game keep them from going pointless in round two, but it helped Quiz regain the lead from the Phenomenal Pholks!

Tri-Pardo, our third round, have a slate of three questions adding up to forty-two points. The first question was worth eleven points, the second question was worth fourteen points, and the third question was worth seventeen points. With a tough yet familiar second and third questions, the Pesto Sliders lost three points, while the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 lost eight points, respectively. Getting the first and third questions, but losing points on the middle, meant that Team Discovery Channel gained fourteen points. Finally, both the Phenomenal Pholks and Quiz in my Pants grabbed points on the first and third questions… and stopped there, for twenty-eight points!

With the Finale ahead, Quiz in my Pants still held the lead that it had gained since round one, and yet the Phenomenal Pholks phrom Laramie Cigarettes only needed to close a seven point gap between the two teams! So it all came down to that final question, with Laramie Cigarettes wagering half their points, they could pull out the win if everyone got the last question incorrect…

Almost everyone did, including the Phenomenal Pholks phrom Laramie Cigarettes, who finished as runners-up! In first however, winning their second Golden VHS, and the first since their win as the Sackvillains in April of 2014…

Their FIRST Golden VHS as TEAM DISCOVERY CHANNEL! Also a first ...They also become the second team to win with that name, following the Team Discovery Channel who won at Cardinal Rule in early September 2014, no relation!
Phenomenal Pholks phrom
Laramie Cigarettes
20.5 8 8 2 28 (33.5) 33
Quiz in my Pants 31.5 0 0 14 28 (73) 0.5
Team Discovery Channel 22 0 6 1 14 (43) 86
Green Lantern
of Space Sector 2814
14.5 0 10 3 -8 (20) -0.5
Pesto Sliders 0 10 0 0 -3 (19) -12

Congrats to Team Discovery Channel once again, and thank you again as well to all the wonderful peoples who came out and competed at our 94th event at Hitch! We'll see you all again in TWO WEEKS time on July 24th for another edition of the Greatest Game Show in Toronto, on the east end!
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