at Lou Dawgs: We Need A Name, November 22nd 2016 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 23, 2016

 I n a competitive showdown at Trivia Club's beer league location, Lou Dawg's Southern BBQ, would PETE! beat Lt. Dance, known on this night as In Diana Jones, for his second in a row?! Could Shiny Happy Chernobyl return to victory as Tastes Like Disappointment? Or would newcomers We Need A Name begin a brand new Trivia Club legacy this Tuesday?

At the end of Trivia Classic, our traditional first round of classic pub goodness, it was We Need A Name establishing themselves with aplomb, creating a ten and a half point lead on the nearest competition PETE! PETE! himself was five and a half points up on In Diana Jones, while Tastes Like Disappointment rounded out the competitive yet intimate Tuesday night crowd!

Game Show Games in round two then saw Tastes Like Disappointment wash that taste away, at least in Countdown Takedown, with a TOP TEN answer! We Need A Name were game enough to grab eight points of their own as well! Then in Survey Says it was In Diana Jones with the TOP TEN! PETE! picked up two points, while We Need A Name picked up another four points! C-C-Combo Breakdown then rounded out our G.S.G. with an unpredictable run for Tastes Like Disappointment who was the first to fall, before We Need A Name bit the dust with three points to their Name in which they Need! Finally, with it down to PETE! and In Diana Jones... it was the Jones' who took home the FIFTEEN POINTS to PETE!'s five!

This then brought it all around to the Tri-Pardo, with our legacy Lou Dawg's teams still doing their best to catch the newcomers in We Need A Name! We Need A Name would not make it easy, picking up twenty-five points in the Tri-Pardo! PETE! would also grab twenty-five, as did T.L.D., while In Diana Jones misstepped but still were able to attain five points! With so much on the line, the We Need A Name went ALL OR NOTHIN', and PETE! really was the only one to wager with caginess!

In Diana Jones 18 0 10 15 -5 (48) 0
We Need A Name 34 8 4 3 25 (74) 148
PETE! 23.5 0 2 5 25 (47) 8.5
Tastes Like Disappointment 15.5 10 0 0 25 (50.5) 101
It was the night for WE NEED A NAME, however, and their name is first-time GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS! Yes, on their first night they win their first Golden VHS! They are the eighth team to accomplish this feat in 2016, across all three locations! Congrats, once again We Need A Name!

Thank you again to all those who came out and competed, who make it such a fun night of competition, and shared knowledge! We'll see you again NEXT TUESDAY as we inch ever closer to the end of the year with only FOUR MORE Trivia Club's at Lou Dawgs to go in 2016!

Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, at Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY!

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