at Lou Dawgs: The Missing Sock!, September 13th 2016 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 14, 2016

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The night was simply shy of an appearance by The Bastards to bring it all full circle, as PETE! competed with the Cunning Stunts, the Basket of Deplorables (also known as Lt. Dance), and the returning Beer Barons! Yes, back after 52 events were the Beer Barons! They were joined by a collection of new coming teams, including Feel the Bern, Happy Birthday Jason, and The Missing Sock! And wouldn't you know it, one of these newcomers would SHOCK the collected Lou Dawg's All-Timers!

After the first round of Trivia Classic, it was Lt. Dance's Basket of Deplorables in a dead heat with the Cunning Stunts, with BOTH teams enjoying a drink as their reward! Only a couple steps behind were those returning Beer Barons! They'll get you Beer Barons (no they won't), with PETE! just a point behind the Barons! Rounding out the field were Happy Birthday Jason, followed by Feel the Bern, and Missing Sock! at the back.

Game Show Games saw a great start for PETE! with the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, with the Cunning Stunts and Happy Birthday Jason also grabbing points! PETE! continued his good run on Game Shows on the night with a TOP TEN in Survey Says! Finally in C-C-Combo Breakdown, PETE! hit the breaking point and was eliminated first with no points to his name! The Birthday boy and the Bern had left the field, leaving a competitive collection of teams! Missing Sock! added three points to their name before being eliminated, while the Beer Barons were THOUGHT to be eliminated before coming back into the game in dramaaaatic just as Lt. Dance and Cunning Stunts fell, each with four points! This left the Beer Barons with their first Game Show points on the night and a round of shots worth FIFTEEN POINTS!

So as we rounded in Tri-Pardo it was quite the close collection of teams, with Beer Barons and PETE! fighting for the lead! PETE! picked up thirty-five points, while the Beer Barons, Lt. Dance, and Cunning Stunts all hit for the triple and grabbed forty-five points! The Missing Sock! still sticking in their, lost five points in the third round and had 6 points to their name before the Trivia Finale! And yes, it would prove to be a dramatic Finale, as the returning Beer Barons walked into the last question of the night with 91 points! Behind them were the pack of Basket of Deplorables, PETE!, and Cunning Stunts, with 78, 77, and 76 points respectively!

When the Finale hit, the dust settled, and wouldn't you know it... with 26 points... THE MISSING SOCK! had won their FIRST GOLDEN VHS with the sole correct answer! It was an unprecidented win for the newcomers, especially in not only winning the night, but earning it on the Finale against such an impressive field! Congrats to The Missing Sock!, and of course thank you to all the fine folks that came out to make it sock a fun time at Lou Dawg's BBQ in Toronto! We'll see you again NEXT #TRIVIATUESDAY!

Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, at Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY!

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