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April 02, 2012

10th WINNER (@ CR#010) -  Sam Rockwell
50th WINNER (@ WP#011) - Bracondale Bunch
100th WINNER (@ Hi#015) - Cunning Stunts
200th WINNER (@ CR#100) - Treasure Butt
250th WINNER (@ CR#121) - Electric Bastards
300th WINNER (@ LD#079) - Lt. Dance (as Rick Grunberg!)
400th WINNER (@ Hi#074) - Trusty Rumpets
500th WINNER (@ CR#235) - Cunning Stunts
600th WINNER (@ FS#014) - M. Night Shaym-Aliens (as M. White Sha-Mary-ens)
700th WINNER (@ FS#031) - Brewer's Yeast Infection
800th WINNER (@ CH#017*) - The Team That Scored 40 Points (aka Smartly Pretty)

2012 – SPARTACUS @ CR#001 on April 13th
2013 – Sam Rockwell @ CR#010 on January 16th
2014 – Cheers Two Beers @ HB#002 on January 7th
2015 – Trusty Rumpets @ Hi#031 on January 5th
2016 – 5 Fast 5 Furious @ Hi#057 on January 4th
2017 – Wookiee of the Year @ Hi#082 on January 9th
2018 – Cunning Stunts @ RR#014 on January 2nd
2019  – The Questionables (as Suck It Trebek) @ RR#062 on January 8th
2020  – Cookiefaced @ RR#107 on January 7th
2021  – Fighting Mongooses (as Saturday Night's Mongoose Event) @ CH#039* on January 5th
2022  – The Ghost of Bebe Rebozo @ CH#081* on January 4th

2012 – S.A.N.T.A.S. @ CR#009 on December 12th
2013 – Cunning Stunts @ CR#044 on December 18th
2014 – The Unusual Suspects @ CR#094 on December 17th
2015 – M. Night Shaym-Aliens @ Hi#056 on December 21st
2016 – Last Place Team @ CR#195 on December 21st
2017 – The Electric Mayhem @ CR#245 on December 20th
2018 – Kwik-E-Smart @ FS#023 on December 19th
2019 – Wookiee of the Year (as Ginger Bread Wookiee) @ Hi#160 on December 23rd
2020 – Down by the Bay @ CH#038* on December 29th
2021 – The Ghost of Bebe Rebozo @ CH#080* on December 28th

* - events at the Trivia Clubhouse do not award a Golden VHS, and instead acknowledge the team with the highest score.

  • .5 – Thundercats with 51.5 points defeated Grafton Celebrity All-Stars with 51 points at YOU'RE SO COOL @ CR#003 on June 13th, 2012, the first time a team won by the slimmest possible margin.
  • .5 – 2 In The Pink, 1 In The Think defeated the field of three other teams, who finished with zero points @ Hi#017 on May 26th, 2014, and also set the record for the lowest total points for a winning team. 
  • .5 – Team Name with 1 point defeated The Electric Mayhem with half a point @ CR#077 on August 20th, 2014.
  • .5 –  Chillasaurus with 1.5 points defeated Last Place Team with one point @ CR#239 on November 8th, 2017.
  • CO-WINNERSSPARTACUS and Sailor Mercury’s Boobs are the only teams to ever tie, in victory, and share a Golden VHS. They did so at the second ever Trivia Club in May of 2012.
  • ALL-WAY TIE - CR#049 was the first time that the entire field tied after the Trivia Finale, and a tie-breaker was used, which the Cunning Stunts were the only team to answer correctly.
  • SUDDEN VICTORY - LD#081 was the first time that two teams had tied, tied again on the fifth question tiebreaker, and forced the Sudden Victory Box Office Bulls-eye! (647) 241 – 2325 (Lt. Dance) and The Electric Mayhem (Kevin, Matt, Pete, & Nish) each scored 132 points in the Finale, then both went all in with 20 tie-breaking points on the Fifth Question, and finally with the Sudden Victory Bulls-eye, Electric Mayhem were within 19 million of the actual Box Office of 2012’s "Sherlock Holmes", while (647) 241 – 2325 were within 8 million... for the Golden VHS win!
  • TIE-SNATCHERS - LD#113 saw Lt. Dance once again tied up with a team at the end of the night! This time, The True Believers (Lt. Dance's Colm & Anthony), who scored 76 points in the Finale alongside The Schmeg$, needed only the Fifth Question tie-breaker for the Golden VHS win (also, oddly enough, the second time they had won Snatch on Golden VHS)!
  • FIRST & ONE-HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SECOND -  CR#191 saw two teams in their first tie-breaker. For Ivanna Wynn it was their first night out at Trivia, while for Team Name it was their one-hundred and thirty-second! Both teams went all in with 20 tie-breaking points on the Fifth Question, and with Team Name getting the Fifth Question incorrect, newcomers Ivanna Wynn won their first Golden VHS with the correct answer!
  • I BROKE A GOLDEN TIE - Really Makes U Think and Stepford Singles saw the first tie at The Rec Room, taking place at RR#046, and it was decided by another first! The tie-breaker Fifth Question was our anagram question and thus the two teams had the opportunity to race to the finish, with the first team to unravel the answer being awarded the Golden VHS... which the Stepford Singles did to win their first Trivia Club Championship!
  • THE TIE-BREAKERS CLUB - RR#065 brought us the second tie at The Rec Room, which took place between Suck It Trebek and The Replacements! The Sudden Victory Bulls-eye was brought back, and Suck It Trebek were not only the closest to the bulls-eye for the box office of "Paul Blart: Mall Cop", but in winning the Golden VHS on the night, Suck It Trebek would also join the Five Timers Club with their FIFTH Golden VHS win!
  • NEW DOGS, OLD TIES - BL#004 saw the first tie-breaker take place on the east-end of Toronto, as the Trivia Finale of our fourth event at Black Lab Brewing ended with two first-time competitors, FAHTBOPH and Les Quizerables, both finish with 126 points a piece! The initial tie-breaker, our fifth Pardo question, kept the tie between FAHTBOPH and Les Quizerables... so a Sudden Victory Box Office Bulls-eye was brought into play! For the animated film "Hotel Transylvania", Les Quizerables guessed within 48... but FAHTBOPH were within ONE to win the night and the Golden VHS!
  • ONE LAST ROUND - One Last Round at Hitch, our final event at our longest-running location saw the very first tie-breaker. On the 2,345th and final night at Trivia Club's Black Label location we just had to exhaust every single trivia possibility! Hi#163 ended with Matt Smith as Going Off Without a Hitch tied with the Fighting Mongooses as 2001: A Mongoose Odyssey on the Finale question! The fifth question Pardo tie-breaker kept things tied, so it was only fitting that a Sudden Victory Box Office Bulls-eye came into play in which the two teams would guess the domestic take of the 2005 film "Hitch". Going Off Without a Hitch guessed within 40... but it was 2001: A Mongoose Odyssey who guessed within 4, to finally bring One Last Round to an end at our Home Away of Hitch!

2012 – SPARTACUS w/ 7 (of 9) @ CR
2013 – Cunning Stunts w/ 29 (of 35) @ CR
2014 – Team Name w/ 39 (of 50) @ CR
2015 – The Bastards w/ 40 (of 48) @ LD
2016 – Last Place Team w/ 41 (of 50) @ CR
2017 – Last Place Team w/ 49 (of 50) @ CR
2018 – Fighting Mongooses w/ 27 (of 27) @ Hi
2019 – Fighting Mongooses w/ 23 (of 23) @ Hi & Cookiefaced w/ 35 (of 45) @ RR
2020 – Fighting Mongooses w/ 38 (of 38) @ CH
2021 – The Ghost of Bebe Rebozo w/ 42 (of 42) @ CH

Fighting Mongooses – 58 @ Hitch – Hi#106 11/20/17 to Hi#163 02/10/20
Last Place Team – 47 @ Cardinal Rule – CR#199 02/01/17 to CR#245 12/20/17
Last Place Team – 23 @ Cardinal Rule – CR#166 06/01/16 to CR#188 11/02/16
The Bastards – 20 @ Lou Dawgs – LD#053 06/02/15 to LD#072 10/13/15
Cookiefaced – 18 @ The Rec Room Roundhouse – RR#098 10/01/19 to RR#114 03/10/20
The Bastards – 17 @ Lou Dawgs – LD#008 05/20/14 to LD#024 10/14/14
Team Name – 17 @ Cardinal Rule – CR#069 06/25/14 to CR#085 10/15/14
The Bastards – 17 @ Lou Dawgs – LD#079 12/01/15 to LD#095 04/05/16
Cunning Stunts – 16 @ Cardinal Rule – CR#005 08/15/12 to CR#020 06/26/13
Lt. Dance – 15 @ Lou Dawgs – LD#059 07/14/15 to LD#073 10/20/15
Wookiee of the Year – 15 @ Hitch – Hi#102 10/23/17 to Hi#116 03/05/18
PETE! would also be on this list, however their shifting between solo and teaming with The Bastards, and others, at Lou Dawgs has made their appearances difficult to track decisively.

Team Name w/ 145 @ Cardinal Rule
Cunning Stunts w/ 102 @ Cardinal Rule
Last Place Team w/ 90 @ Cardinal Rule
The Bastards w/ 88 @ Lou Dawgs
Electric Mayhem w/ 83 @ Cardinal Rule
M. Night Shaym-Aliens w/ 80 @ Cardinal Rule
The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes w/ 75 @ Hitch

2012 – SPARTACUS w/ 352 pts
2013 – Cunning Stunts w/ 1,475 pts
2014 – Electric Mayhem w/ 1,922 pts
2015 – Cunning Stunts w/ 3,259 pts
2016 – Cunning Stunts w/ 3,129 pts
2017 – Cunning Stunts w/ 3,540 pts
2018 – Fighting Mongooses w/ 2,440 pts
2019 – Cookiefaced w/ 2,794 pts
2020 – Cookiefaced w/ 1,770.5 pts
2021 – The Ghost of Bebe Rebozo w/ 1,630 pts

Second place finishes in a calendar year. The Bastards, and Fighting Mongooses are the only teams to have the most second place finishes and the most Golden VHS wins in the same calendar year, doing so in 2015 and 2018. Unsurprisingly they also made the most appearances in those years, as well. In 2020 & 2021 totals include or are entirely second highest scores as opposed to runners-up to a Golden VHS win due to the Trivia Clubhouse on-line stream.
2012 – Cunning Stunts w/ 2
2013 – Team Name w/ 6
2014 – The Bastards w/ 13
2015 – The Bastards w/ 13
2016 – M. Night Shaym-Aliens w/ 14
2017 – 2 Fast 2 Curious (as Last Place Team) w/ 12
2018 – Fighting Mongooses w/ 12
2019 – Cookiefaced w/ 11
2020 – Cunning Stunts w/ 12
2021 – The Ghost of Bebe Rebozo w/ 23   

PETE! has won a Golden VHS at five separate locations (Cardinal Rule, Lou Dawgs, Handlebar, Hitch, and The Rec Room), or as part of The Bastards, SPARTACUS, Cunning Stunts, Pete & Krissy, SHARK (Attack), We H8 Brittany, the Asquith A’s, Smokey & The Bearded, and The Dime Beggars. Not only were they the first person to win a Golden VHS at four separate locations solo, they are also the first person to win a Golden VHS solo! PETE! has won more then 40 Golden VHS tapes either by themselves or with a team,  a select group that also features Mark P. and Dylan K. of the Cunning Stunts and Kevin M. and Matthew S. of Electric Mayhem.

For the first time since Trivia Club began in April 2012, that’s approximately 136 Trivia Club events, Russel Harder took a vacation and TWO Guest Hosts filled in. Mark Piggott at Cardinal Rule & Matt Smith at Lou Dawgs. Matthew Smith would also later Guest Host another edition of Trivia Club, this time at Cardinal Rule.

Johnny H. and Sarah C. were the first participants to win a Golden VHS at two different locations (Cardinal Rule and Lou Dawgs), doing so as the Super Awesome Notorious Trivia All-Stars @ CR#009 in December 2012, and Matthew McConaugHEY Arnold @ LD#001 in March 2014.

For the first time in Countdown Takedown, our Price Is Right-style Game Show Game in which teams have to guess a number connected to a specific question without going over, all competing teams chose the same number and thus all teams were awarded 10 points. It was a potentially over confident Team Name that set the pace for four other teams @ CR#182.

Our first two locations to celebrate one-hundred events, Cardinal Rule and Lou Dawg's BBQ, both saw teams win their first Golden VHS at the event. Treasure Butt won CR#100, while We H8 Brittany won LD#100! If that wasn't enough symmetry for you, both teams won on the night of the Century Mark with a total of five points! To close the loop, Treasure Butt were on hand at LD#100 and finished as runners-up with a single point. Our third location to celebrate one-hundred events did not feature Treasure Butt, but it did see a team win their first Golden VHS at the location! Lt. Dance's Estelle Getty Lee won Hi#100, and did so with much more then five points.

The Morgans are not only the first family to win a Golden VHS separate from each other (to our knowledge) but they also did so at three consecutive events as part of Electric Mayhem @ CR#062, The West Philadelphians @ Hi#016, and the M. Night Shyam-Aliens @ LD#007, between May 7th and May 13th of 2014.

In August 2014, The Electric Mayhem won three out of the four weeks at Cardinal Rule, losing only the third of the four weeks by half a point to Team Name!

Between December 14th, 2017, and January 17th, 2018, The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes won four out of the five events on the east-end of Toronto, including three events at Hitch and two events at Farside, proving themselves to be the Beast in the East by only losing @ Hi#112 to first-timers The Questionables on the Trivia Finale!

With their May 3rd, 2016 victory, Treasure Butt won their first Golden VHS @ LD#099 after twenty-one prior appearances, the first appearance being September 23rd, 2014 @ LD#022. Treasure Butt did however win twice, on their first two appearances, at Cardinal Rule in 2015 @ CR#100 and CR#101.

Last Place Team took twenty appearances at Cardinal Rule before they won their first Golden VHS at their twenty-first event @ CR#174 on July 27th, 2016. Their first appearance was January 6th, 2016 @ CR#145. Their second Golden VHS? The very next Wednesday, at their twenty-second appearance on August 3rd, 2016.

Lt. Dance began their Trivia Club legacy at Lou Dawg's at the 33rd edition of the show, under the name Popcorn Gallery, with a big win Golden VHS win to end 2014! Three weeks later, at the first Lou Dawg's Trivia Club event of 2015, the 34th edition, they won their second Golden VHS in as many appearances, this time under the name Gmail Roulette! As impressive a way to start things off, as that was, on their first appearance at Cardinal Rule later in 2015, on July 29th they won the 124th edition at our Original Home, as The Best Friends Gang! It would take another 65 events, and 479 days, but on their second appearance at Cardinal Rule, this time known as Fantastic Beats and Where 2 Drop Them, Lt. Dance would win their second Golden VHS!

With their December 7th, 2016 victory Trivial Knowledge won their first Golden VHS @ CR#193 after thirty-seven prior appearances, the most appearances at a single location before a Golden VHS victory. With their first appearance at Trivia Club being May 13th, 2015, that is a total of 1 year, 6 months, and 24 days before breaking through to the Golden circle. Their second victory took place on July 12th, 2017, at CR#222, only 187 days later.

The Man with the Candy was the third Golden VHS Champ in our time at Hitch, winning Hi#004 on October 28th, 2013. It was their second appearance, and though they had appeared at the first event as well, they would participate intermittently afterwards. So much in fact, that they're SECOND Golden VHS win would not come until Hi#090, on May 1st, 2017... a full 3 years, 6 months, and 4 days after their first Golden VHS. This is the longest time between VHS wins.

In 2017 the Cunning Stunts won three Golden VHS in one calendar week across two locations! Winning the March 29th Golden VHS at CR#207, the April 3rd Golden VHS at Hi#088 to begin the Grand Championship of our fifth season, and finishing off their week long hot streak with a third win on April 5th at CR#208 once again. In 2015 The Electric Bastards won four consecutive events over the course of three weeks across three locations, during our third season's Grand Championship! The first win was at LD#047 on April 14th, followed the next day at CR#109 on April 15th. With the next weekly Lou Dawgs cancelled, the next win was April 22nd at CR#110, capped off the following Monday at Hi#039 on April 27th. Four in a row, and a nearly consecutive row of Triple Crown wins.

With the 200th edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule, we began what we call the Ico Era of Trivia Club! No longer would the three categories of the third round be worth 10, 15, and 20 points respectively, now a d20, or 20-sided die, or (as we enjoy calling it) an icosahedron would be rolled and THAT would decide the point totals of our three Tri-Pardo categories. These are some critical hits and misses of the first year of the Ico Era.

David Bowie’s Corporate Whores CR#200 THIRD 02/08/17
Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes Hi#086 SECOND 03/06/17
Cunning Stunts CR#207 FIRST 03/29/17
AK-47 Hi#090 SECOND 05/01/17
Trivial Knowledge CR#215 FIRST 05/31/17
M. Night Shaym-Aliens CR#215 THIRD 05/31/17
Quiztin Tarantino Hi#092 SECOND 06/12/17
Trivial Knowledge CR#221 THIRD 07/05/17
Melinda from Corporate HQ CR#222 SECOND 07/12/17
David Bowie’s Corporate Whores CR#225 THIRD 08/02/17

Unusual Suspects CR#206 FIRST 03/22/17
Team Has No Name CR#220 FIRST 06/28/17
Trivial Knowledge CR#222 FIRST 07/12/17
M. Night Shaym-Aliens  Hi#099 FIRST 09/26/17
The Man with the Candy Hi#108 FIRST 12/04/17

  • CR#200, the debut of the icosahedron, saw a 10 rolled for the first category, a 15 rolled for the second category, and a 20 rolled for the third question. Because of course that happened. Why wouldn't it? 
  • Trivial Knowledge was the first team to roll 20 two times, three times, and also to roll 20 and roll 1. 
  • CR#215 and Hi#098 are the two events with the highest rolled Tri-Pardo with two 20's rolled, and an additional 18 rolled for 58 potential points up for grabs of the possible 60 points available in the Ico Era's third round. No teams were able to answer all three questions correctly at CR#215.
  • Hi#098 saw the M. Night Shaym-Aliens earn the most points in a Tri-Pardo, getting all three questions correct for a total of 58 points. The M. Night Shaym-Aliens would also earn the most points in a Tri-Pardo at Cardinal Rule, with 57 points at CR#238.
In 2018 Not Turner became the first team to win a Grand Championship without having won at least one of the event's in which the annual event was place during. Not Turner however had the highest aggregate score across RR#048 and RR#049 in September of 2018, in their first two appearances at Trivia Club, to become the first annual Trivia Royalty at The Rec Room Roundhouse. In 2019, after having competed at five prior events at Farside, Team Lithgow would make two further appearances at FS#041 and FS#042 in October and November of 2019 and finish with the highest aggregate score to be named the second annual Head of Class at Farside, becoming just the second team to have won an annual event without having won either a Golden VHS during the multi-event Grand Championship or prior to the Grand Championship!

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