at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Cookiefaced, February 11th 2011 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

February 12, 2020

To end what has been a huge three-day span for Trivia Club, Canada’s Greatest Game Show returned to The Rec Room Roundhouse for the 111th edition of Trivia Club on the 11th day of February, 2020! To go along with that triple one as well, Cookiefaced were going for a threepeat, but would have not one, not two, but four former Champions to compete against in the field assembled! Who would win the night at The Rec Room in Toronto? History would be made, at what is now Trivia Club’s longest running current location!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end in the Three10 restaurant, with Cookiefaced holding a three-and-a-half-point lead on the nearest competition, the returning Three Murderinos! Making their third appearance at The Rec Room, the Murderinos had a point and a half advantage on Dice Hard! Just a half point back in fourth were The Questionables, the only team at The Rec Room to have threepeated before when they in fact went for the fourpeat in the early summer of 2019! Two points behind in fifth to round out the Top Five (top five top five) were These Pencils Are Too Short for Stabbing, also known as Dead on the Inside! Admittedly we had shifted over from pens this past week to the golf pencils used on Oscar night! In sixth place were Table 4 Two, and the couple of newcomers had a point and a half lead of their own on former champions, and the only other Golden VHS winners in 2020 at The Rec Room other then Cookiefaced so far, Kyle & Friends!

 Game Show Games  began as it traditionally does with Countdown Takedown, with enough momentum and layout to have answers happen aloud! Cookiefaced won the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown, while These Pencils Are Too Short for Stabbing nabbed eight points, as did Three Murderinos, and Table 4 Two were also able to keep from going over for six points! Then in Survey Says it was Dice Hard who grabbed the TOP TEN, while Three Murderinos grabbed another eight, The Questionables picked up six, and Kyle & Friends grabbed two points! It was a second round that saw not only everyone get on the board, but also the Three Murderinos took the lead from Cookiefaced, when they were the only team to get big points in both games!

 Tri-Pardo  then began with Table 4 Two rolling ten points for the first category, These Pencils Are Too Short for Stabbing rolling eleven points on the 111th event on the 11th day of February for the second category, and Three Murderinos rolling fifteen points on the third category! This meant that thirty-six points were up for grabs on the night in round three! Hitting for the triple were Cookiefaced AND the Three Murderinos, but also The Questionables, Kyle & Friends, and Die Hard… while Table 4 Two picked up twenty-six points from the second and third questions, and These Pencils Are Too Short grabbing twenty-five points from the first and third questions! This meant that though the field remained tight, Cookiefaced remained two and a half points away from a threepeat on this night!

 Trivia Finale  wagering would not make it any easier, as the blind wager from the top two teams was all in, while Dead on the Inside’s These Pencils wagered thirty and Dice Hard kept twenty-three points on the board! Ultimately it would take both the correct answer and a little bit of luck for the threepeat to finally come Cookiefaced’s way after so many close calls over the last year and a half!

Only two teams would answer the Finale correctly on the night, and one of them would be Cookiefaced… while the other one… was not the Murderinos! It was in fact Dice Hard who answered it correctly and finished as runners-up with 104 points! This meant that winning on the night and winning their SIXTEENTH GOLDEN VHS with 137 points… becoming just the SIXTH TEAM to THREEPEAT, something to have only happened seven times at Trivia Club (and three other times in February) on the 1 1 1… COOKIEFACED!

Congratulations to Cookiefaced, who bounced back from a less successful Oscar Trivia night on Sunday, to win the night on our regular Tuesday live event at The Roundhouse! Thank you to everyone who came out to compete this past Tuesday, we will be back in TWO WEEKS on February 28th! We will also be bringing the fourth annual TRIVIAL AWARDS to Farside on March 4th, with full details to come shortly!
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