at The Rec Room Canada: February 25th 2020 TOP FIVE

February 26, 2020

Welcome one and all to a recap of Trivia Club at  THE REC ROOM  across Canada! We’re celebrating the CHAMPIONS and the TOP SCORES at The Rec Room locations in Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario, looking at how they did on the night, and how they stack up against each other! Last week on February 18th it was The Winettes at Avalon in St. John's with the high score Canada-wide at Trivia Club! The TOP FIVE SCORES for Trivia Club at The Rec Room for the week of February 25th, 2020 breakdown as follows:

At the 112th event at The Rec Room Roundhouse in  TORONTO  with host and Trivia Club creator Russel Harder (left), the M. Night Shaym-Aliens returned to The Roundhouse to win the night with 117 points for their FOURTH win at The Rec Room and the top score at Trivia Club in the country! Tied in the runner-up spot with the fourth highest score in the country, on this night, were The Questionables and Fajitas, one of Toronto's regulars and a team of newcomers, who finished the night with 90 points. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL RECAP OF THE NIGHT!

With the 17th event this past Wednesday at The Rec Room Avalon in  ST. JOHN'S  with host Russell Cochrane (right, standing), We'd Win More If We Could Cheat won the night with 106 points, and the second highest score in Canada! It was a wonderful crowd in Newfoundland and Labrador, with the top of the other twelve teams, being A&W who finished with 66 points!

The 35th event at the South Commons in  EDMONTON  hosted by Ed Childs (not pictured),  RamRod bested the night with 92 points and the third highest score across Canada! Just two points behind, tied with Toronto's runner-ups with 90 points, were the Hot Shots! In third place in South Edmonton with 74 points were Trudel who finished with what is actually the seventh highest score! Titans of Trivia finished in seventh on the night after a tricky Finale question, which had also knocked out eight teams in St. John's!

It was the 7th event at Deerfoot in  CALGARY  hosted by South Side Trivia's Sammy Jurkowski (not pictured), which must mean that the Cunning Chimeras were competing right? RIGHT! They in fact won their six of the first seven events in Calgary! With 59 points the Cunning Chimeras took the victory, over Wiggums Warriors who finished with 42 points as runners-up on the night!

The 70th event of  LONDON ’s Masonville location, and the location's longest-running host Justin Gayle (center),  Last Week's No Shows returned for the win for 57 points! This was Last Week's FOURTH Championship at Masonville, with the Bad Gyals finishing with 17 points as runners-up!

For the 33rd event at the West Edmonton Mall in  EDMONTON  hosted by CTV's Graham Neil (not pictured), Team Rocket bested Goat with 18 points to their 14 points, as Team No Name finished the night with zero points thanks to the Finale question!

Congratulations to all those who won the week at Trivia Club at The Rec Room this past Tuesday, and thank you to everyone who came out to play! Join in NEXT TUESDAY on March 3rd at The Rec Room for more Trivia Club in Calgary, Edmonton, London, Mississauga, and Toronto, and in St. John's on Wednesday, March 4th! Click on the Top Five tag to see Canada-wide high scores and Champions from past weeks!

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