at Hitch: Fighting Mongooses, April 30th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS & 2017/2018 GRAND CHAMPIONS

May 01, 2018

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For the first time in Trivia Club, the Grand Championship was to be defended outside of the west-end of Toronto, with the Grand Championship Grand Prix Finale for the Golden VCR taking place at Hitch! In this spring celebration, this season finale, we were celebrating six years of Trivia Club in Toronto and for those night of celebration for Toronto's Greatest Game Show it was a host of teams looking to put their stamp on history with only one of those team ultimately ending up on the Golden VCR!

Also very fittingly, the sixth anniversary celebrations of Trivia Club would come to an end on the 123rd edition of Trivia Club at Hitch!

 Trivia Classic  ended with the Fighting Mongooses in first place! Those Mongooses, Trivia Club's most reliable team of Trivia Club members in 2018 were four points ahead of The Man with the Candy after the first round, and the The Man were three points in front of Fortune Wookiee! In fourth place after the first were newcomers Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, while rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) were Turd Ferguson!

In the second round we saw  Game Show Games  jumped into with full aplomb! Countdown Takedown, the first game, saw The Man with the Candy grab the first TOP TEN! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner nabbed eight points, while Fighting Mongooses won six points! Then in Survey Says, it was those Fighting Mongooses, who with the third choice were still able to take the TOP TEN happen! With another eight points were Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, while Fortune Wookiee added six points to their total! This saw the Fighting Mongooses lead the field into Combo Breakdown for the ninth week IN A ROW at Hitch, and with that streak they saw themselves as the last team standing as well! Though they put more then half of their combo'd points on the line, and lost them, they still gathered two points on this especially unpredictable Game Show Game, while The Man with the Candy were also able to pick up a points to their name.

Going into our third round of Trivia Club, our Don Pardo named  Tri-Pardo , it was the Fighting Mongooses with the lead on the field, while The Man with the Candy were in second and Winner Winner Chicken Dinner had surpassed Fortune Wookiee for third! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner had rolled the first Tri-Pardo question for fifteen points, while the Fighting Mongooses rolled the second question for ten points, and Turd Ferguson rolled a TWENTY on the third question, giving us a very traditional forty-five points in round three if just sliiightly out of order!

Turd Ferguson were the only team to lose point, taking a fifteen point hit and falling into the negatives, while Fortune Wookiee gained fifteen points! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner gained five points, while the Fighting Mongooses and The Man with the Candy both added another twenty-five points, separating them from the pack before the  Finale , but still keeping them within eleven points of one another! In the Finale, it was then a matter of wagering, with The Man with the Candy wagering thirty points to hedge their bets... and Fortune Wookiee wagering all of his points, meaning he would be able to finish a point ahead of The Man if all went in his favor! Both teams were hoping for the Fighting Mongooses to lose the seventy of their seventy-four points, or else their was no catching them...

Speaking of no catching them, as the Finale was being tallied on this night it must be noted that as of last Tuesday their was no hope in catching the Fighting Mongooses for the 2017/2018 Grand Championship Grand Prix! Outside of winning the final two nights, even the Cunning Stunts wouldn't catch the Fighting Mongooses! After a wonderfully competitive April, and at times hedging their points to make sure they would place, the Fighting Mongooses would only leave four points on the board at Hitch this past Monday...

Finishing the night with one-hundred and forty-four point they would set a new personal best high score, they would win their EIGHTH GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP... and the FIGHTING MONGOOSES would officially become the sixth GRAND CHAMPIONS of Trivia Club!

 30/04/18 POINTS TABLE 
Fortune Wookiee 24 2 6 0 15 (47) 0
Fighting Mongooses 31 6 10 2 25 (70) 144
Turd Ferguson 10.5 4 0 0 -15 (20) -20.5
Winner Winner
Chicken Dinner
18 8 8 0 5 (39) 0
The Man with the Candy 27 10 0 1 25 (30) 33
On their thirteenth consecutive appearance in 2018, the Fighting Mongooses would go down in history as the first holders of the Golden VCR outside of Cardinal Rule, and as the Newcomers of the Year for 2017, Trivial Award winners, they prove a great example of this new frontier of Trivia Club in 2018 and beyond, full of new teams, new locations, and new legacies... but that same Trivia Club goodness!

Congratulations once again, to the Fighting Mongooses! Well played on this Monday, and for April! Thank you to everyone who came out and competed at Hitch on Monday, we'll see you again NEXT MONDAY for more Trivia Club on May 7th as we begin our seventh year, our seventh season in Toronto!
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