at Hitch: The Man with the Candy, February 12th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

February 13, 2018

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 O ur 114th edition of Trivia Club on the east end of Toronto brought together new teams and returning faces, with our regular competition at our Home Away of Hitch! Would a new Champion rise, would a team return to the winning circle, or even repeat?

After the first round it was The Man with the Candy returning to lead after   Trivia Classic ! Wookiee of the Year were two and a half points back in second. Hurricane Markham were two points behind, and showing their potential for new faces to Trivia Club, in third. Just half a point back were the reigning Golden VHS Champs the Fighting Mongooses! Rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) were another pair of newcomers, Murphwood, and in sixth were We're Just Here For The Beer!

Just when the field felt settled, things were about to get shook up by  Game Show Games ! Countdown Takedown saw the first TOP TEN of round two go to Murphwood, while the Fighting Mongooses picked up eight points, and our round one leaders with the Candy were the only team left pointless. Survey Says then blanked Wookiee of the Year, while the Fighting Mongooses picked up another eight points, and Here For The Beer grabbed the TOP TEN answer! With the Fighting Mongooses now in the lead before Combo Breakdown, the third Game Show Game saw them going head to head with The Man with the Candy… and The Man with the Candy outlasting for SEVENTEEN POINTS!

Anything was possible in this race for the Golden VHS on the night, and our fourth ever winners at Hitch took a big step forward with a thirty-four point gain off of the first and third questions of   Tri-Pardo . See, with the Markham Hurricanes rolling nineteen on the first question, the Fighting Mongooses rolling fifteen on the second question, and Here For The Beer adding another fifteen points on the third question, a potential forty-nine points were up for grabs! While The Man with the Candy grabbed thirty-four points, it would be Murphwood who would make there move with a big triple, and with forty-nine points take the lead by two points heading into the Finale question!

Yes, suddenly a third Golden VHS seemed out of reach for The Man with the Candy, and maybe they could sense it as they wagered a cagey twenty points. With Murphwood going all in, it was better to plan for the possibility of a tough  Finale , because suddenly Murphwood were out of reaxh. Though it wasn't impossible, it did indeed prove a tough Finale… and in fact the two teams that were playing with house money, the Fighting Mongooses and the Markham Hurricanes, were teams that got the Finale correct. The Wind in the Willows, it blows both ways. The Fighting Mongooses finished as runners-up on the night, half a point ahead of the Markham Hurricanes.

Winning their THIRD GOLDEN VHS, their first since May of 2017, were THE MAN WITH THE CANDY! That may seem like a long wait between wins, but remember that their first win was our fourth ever edition of Trivia Club at Hitch in October of 2013... and if you remember that, it's always good to see competitors from the first night of Trivia Club on the east end, back in the winners circle!

 12/02/18 POINTS TABLE 
Wookiee of the Year 16 4 0 2 19 (41) 0
Fighting Mongooses 13.5 8 8 7 -34 (20) 22.5
Murphwood 10.5 10 4 4 49 (77.5) 0
Hurricane Markham 14 2 2 3 -19 (20) 22
The Man with the Candy 18.5 0 6 17 34 (20) 95.5
Here for the Beer 8.5 6 10 6 0 (30.5) 0
Congrats once again to The Man with the Candy, and thank you to everyone who came out and made it such a fun night! We'll see you all again next Monday, February 19th, FAMILY DAY, for our next edition of Trivia Club at Hitch!
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