at The Rec Room: Thought This Was Jeopardy!, November 21st 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 22, 2017

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 O n our tenth edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room, it felt like an all-new night! With our big stage format making only it’s second appearance in The Hall, it certainly has proven to be an untraditional November! Bucking tradition is never a bad thing (down with the patriarchy, after all), suffice to say it was wonderful fun for the teams in attendance and a first time winners was crowned with the Golden VHS!

 Trivia Classic  saw Two of Us Were on Time in the lead after the first round, and they were a team that actually featured a one-time Golden VHS winning alumni of SPARTACUS, though Trivia Club hadn't seen the participant since 2013! Dilly Dilly were five points behind them in second, returning for a second time after participating in our North Bar show two weeks ago! Two points behind them in third were Get Rec'd! In fourth place were Trivia, Please! Rounding out the Classic Top Five (top five, top five) were Thought This Was Jeopardy! Rounding out the field were Going Postal and Our Friendship Means Nothing!

 Tri-Pardo , our second round at The Rec Room, saw fewer questions but for more points! The first question was rolled for nineteen points by Get Rec'd, while the second question was rolled for fourteen points by Two of Us Were on Time, and the third question was rolled for eleven points by Thought This Was Jeopardy! Yes, all together the three questions were worth forty-four points! Trivia, Please and Dilly Dilly lost eight and fourteen points on the round respectively, while Get Rec'd and Two of Us Were on Time gained eleven! The big swing were for Thought This Was Jeopardy! who gained twenty-two points, which brought them within two and a half points of the leaders... Two of Us Were on Time!

 Finale  wagering saw many teams go all-in and MORE, all save for the leaders before the last question... Two of Us Were on Time, who put five points on the line! This meant that they were betting against the field just as much as they were relying on themselves... and though it was a tricky Finale question, that would hamper Two of Us... it wasn't impossible for the field! Finishing in the runner-up spot and enjoying some sweet sweet candy as their prize were Get Rec'd...

Winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS on the night, with seventy-three points on their name after a slam dunk Finale answer, THOUGHT THIS WAS JEOPARDY! And hey, even if they did... we're glad that we confused you for long enough to get you to the end!

 21/11/17 POINTS TABLE 
Trivia, Please 15.5 -8 7.5 20 27.5
Get Rec’d 21 11 32 32 64
Thought This Was Jeopardy! 14.5 22 36.5 36.5 73
Dilly Dilly 23 -14 9 20 -11
Two of Us Were on Time 28 11 39 5 34
Going Postal 7 6 13 20 33
Congrats to Thought This Was Jeopardy! and thank you again to all those who came out to compete at our tenth Trivia Club at The Rec Room! We'll see you again NEXT TUESDAY, November 28th! We are in The Hall, but as always the card is subject to change so sign up to our Facebook event for all the latest news in 2017!
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