at Cardinal Rule: Last Place Team, June 21st 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

June 23, 2017

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 L ast Place Team were looking to do something nearly unprecedented, and threepeat at Cardinal Rule! There have been only three other threepeats in the history of Trivia Club, all of them taking part (at least in part) during February of the last three years! Only once has a threepeat happened at the Original Home of Trivia Club, all the way back in 2016, when the Electric Mayhem broke through to set a number of records including the all-time high score during their impressive achievement! Suffice to say then, that a third win in a row would prove extra difficult for Cardinal Rule's house team... a little bit of luck and a lot of knowledge had taken them this far and their biggest battle was now waiting for them!
Trivia Classic was the first big step forward for Last Place Team, who held a four point lead on newly christened Shit Show Shaym-Aliens, a moniker less for last week and more for the volatile nature of the teams mix for the week! A point and a half behind them in third were the returning Cunning Stunts! After taking the month of May away from Trivia Club, the reigning Grand Champions of Trivia Club were returning for their first appearance! Welcome back, you Stunts who are Cunning! Three points behind them were the reigning Linear Champions, a vaunted team in their own right, the Grand Champions from 2016... David Bowie's Lonely Whores Club Band... another team within a team, continuing the theme on the night! Rounding out the field were the friendly neighbourhood underdogs of our Original Home, Trivial Knowledge, looking for Golden VHS number two!

Game Show Games began with Countdown Takedown, as it is want to do, and a TOP TEN for David Bowie's Lonely Boys Club, eight points for the Shit Show, and six points for Last Place Team! This brought the Shaym-Aliens closer to Last Place Team, and David Bowie's past the Cunning Stunts, but kept Last Place Team in the lead! Then in Survey Says, Trivial Knowledge used their wiles to grab the TOP TEN, rounding them into the conversation, while the Cunning Stunts grabbed eight points and everyone else was held without Survey points! This meant the Cunning Stunts were now a HALF POINT in the lead, with the Shaym-Aliens and David Bowie's still not far behind! Then came an especially tough Combo Breakdown, with David Bowie's and the Shaym-Aliens being knocked out early, while Trivial Knowledge fell soon after... and in a fight for the first place spot before the Finale, it was the Cunning Stunts who were the last to fall with three points, while Last Place Team stayed as last team placed for TEN POINTS! Unlike the prior two weeks, when Last Place Team had swept the second round on the road to their first Golden VHS in this string, and the M. Night Shaym-Aliens had swept the Game Show Games in the midst of a Nearly Perfect Night, this was a very evenly spread second round indeed!

Tri-Pardo would begin with that in mind. Though Last Place Team had gained a lead on the field, it was still a very tight field indeed. The Cunning Stunts were not far behind, while five and a half points seperated the Shaym-Aliens, David Bowie's, and Trivial Knowledge! Leave it to the lowest scoring Tri-Pardo yet in this Ico Era then to keep a tight field ever tighter, with the first question being worth eight points, the second question being worth the current lowest roll yet of two points, and the third question being worth both of those put together for ten points! Yes, collectively the three questions were worth all of twenty points, truly testing the field! David Bowie's Lonely Whores Club Band saw M & Z hit for the triple for that twenty point swing! This brought them to 48.5 points, while the Cunning Stunts grabbed twelve points from the second and third questions, for 48.5 points of their own! The Shit Show Shaym-Aliens got the first two questions correct but were stumped by the third, and got zero points, as did Trivial Knowledge who simply held pat on the third round trio of questions. Last Place Team, much like the Stunts, would get the second and third questions correct and in doing so would gain twelve points and hold their six and a half point lead!

Finale wagering would keep the Cunning Stunts and David Bowie's collective all tied up, regardless of answer... but both teams would get the Finale correct! So to hold off a tie-breaker, to win the Linear Championship... and to do something extra special on the night, Last Place Team would have to wager enough, and then follow through on that answer...

With a 53 point Finale wager, they certainly had enough on the line... and when everything was said and done, the answer was there as well! Yes, becoming only the fourth team to THREEPEAT, alongside the Cunning Stunts at Lou Dawgs, the Electric Mayhem at Cardinal Rule, and the Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes at Hitch... and yes, now only the second team to threepeat at our Original Home of Cardinal Rule...
Last Place Team 27 6 0 10 12 (53) 108
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 23 8 0 0 0 (31) 62
Trivial Knowledge 12.5 2 10 1 0 (25) 0.5
Cunning Stunts 21.5 4 8 3 12 (48.5) 97
David Bowie’s Lonely
Whores Club Band
18.5 10 0 0 20 (48.5) 97
Finishing the night with 108 points for their ELEVENTH Golden VHS... LAST PLACE TEAM! On their twenty-first consecutive appearance of the year, it took the knowledge, the gamesmanship, and the luck of the moment to bring them here but it was well earned indeed!

Congrats to Last Place Team, breaking through for that very rare threepeat! Thank you to all the wonderfully familiar faces that came out this past Wednesday in fact, and we'll see you all again next Wednesday at Cardinal Rule, presented by Steamwhistle Pilsner!
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