at Hitch: Cunning Stunts, April 3rd 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 05, 2017

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 W e begin our Grand Championship Grand Prix for 2017 at our Limited Edition location, our Home Away, at Hitch! This brought together not only familiar faces and names from the east-end, but also some long-standing teams of Trivia Club, including former Grand Champions!

Trivia Classic came to a conclusion with the Electric Bastards in the top spot! These Grand Champions from two years ago (featuring a member from the Golden VCR winners from the year before THAT) held a three point lead over I'm A Big Birthday Baby, Wah Wah, in the second spot! Yes, this newest version of Girl Gon Git It, Hitch's highest scoring team of all-time, thank you to them for that lovely birthday tribute! Just a SINGLE point behind them were TWO TEAMS, the winningest team in the history of Trivia Club, the Cunning Stunts, who in five years of competition were once again begin another battle for their first Golden VCR win! They were knotted up with the new look Tiny Tim's... Petit Pierre's Petulant Petunia-Picking Potential Potentate Posse! In fifth was Wookiee of the Year, and two and a half point behind was the recent threepeat winner at Hitch, The Good (Wonderful, even!) Folks from Laramie Cigarettes!

Game Show Games began with a crafty move from the Electric Bastards who plus-one'd the Cunning Stunts to grab the TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown! Laramie Cigarettes, with the early bet, were bumped from the potential points! Survey Says then saw not one, but two question! With the Electric Bastards getting another TOP TEN answer, while Wookiee of the Year got eight, Petit Pierre... and their friends in Baby Wah Wah got six points a piece, the Good Folks grabbed four points, and the Cunning Stunts still got two points with the final guess of the first Survey question! Combo Breakdown then saw a battle of Juno knowledge, with Wookiee and Laramie each getting one point each for their teams, and Petit Pierre grabbing two points... before the Electric Bastards fell, as did Baby Wah Wah... followed by the Cunning Stunts picking up THIRTEEN POINTS as the last team standing!

This brought a Tri-Pardo that saw the first question being worth eight points, the second question being worth a traditional fifteen points, and the third question being worth nineteen points! Baby Wah Wah exited the three questions down four points, while Laramie Cigarettes added twenty-three points, and the Electric Bastards and Wookiee of the Year each added twenty-seven points! Making the biggest moves forward however, where two teams that hit for the triple, as the Cunning Stunts picked up the forty-two possible third round points, pushing them into first place, and Petit Pierre grabbed forty-two as well with a triple of their own, putting them within two points of the Electric Bastards in second!

For the Finale, chaos would reign, with several teams going all out, while others left three points on the board... or decided to not bet anything at all! Ultimately it was done to the question of... could the Finale be answered for points? Yes, yes it could! It was a contemplative but attainable Finale after all... and when all the dust had settled...

It was the CUNNING STUNTS that had won what has become an annual tradition at Hitch, yes their third annual Golden VHS on the East-End, as well as their FIFTY-FIFTH GOLDEN VHS overall, a poetic way to begin our FIFTH ANNUAL GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP of Trivia Club!

Congrats to the Cunning Stunts once more, it's their second Golden VHS this week, and Wednesday night is all-new trivia so look for them to go for the threepeat in a week... the first team to do so since the Electric Bastards some two years ago! The Electric Bastards, speaking of which, finished the night as runners-up! Thank you to everyone who came out to Hitch to compete, and look forward to another Easter edition of Trivia Club in TWO WEEKS time!
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