at Cardinal Rule: Cunning Stunts, April 5th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 06, 2017

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 O n one of the busiest nights of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule's annual schedule, it was a packed house as the Grand Championship Grand Prix began for 2017 at our Original Home! We had a collection of long-time teams, current regular faces, newcomers, and visiting annual champions as well! Exactly what you would hope for, from the Race for the Golden VCR! For a FULL RECAP click on the link in the comment section below!

With eleven teams finishing our first round of Trivia Classic, matching the record team attendance at Cardinal Rule, all but one carried forward carried forward to round two! Still, in ending round one, the Electric Bastards returned to the location that they had won their Golden VCR two years ago, and led after the first round! Three and a half point behind them in second, were the team that was currently third overall in the early Grand Prix, the reigning Hitchens Cup champions Tiny Tim's... and their battle ready new moniker, Petit Piere's Pornographic Passive Possum Play with Patiently-Picked Parisian Prophylactics! Five points behind Petit Piere... were the current overall leaders but at that time third position, Cunning Stunts! Not only were the Stunts fighting for their first Golden VCR Championship this April, but they also were looking to win three times in one calendar week across two locations! The only time something close to that has happened was when the Electric Bastards won four consecutive events over the course of three weeks across three locations, during the 2015 Grand Championship Grand Prix!

In fourth after Trivia Classic were Last Place Team, one point behind the Cunning Stunts, one of the most competitive teams at Cardinal Rule who were making their second Grand Championship appearance! The M. Night Shaym-Aliens were one point behind LPT, and half a point behind the 102 Shaym-Aliens were the Occasional Champions! Lt. Dance returned to Dance, and was in a strong seventh place, followed by new comers Bad Brains only half a point behind! Trivial Knowledge was a point behind Bad Brains, and rounding out the Grand Championship premiere field were The Team (with lasers)!

With the larger field, that meant that fewer teams would be able to get points out of our first Game Show Game in the second round, Countdown Takedown! The lucky half consisted of Trivial Knowledge, Last Place Team, Bad Brains, the Cunning Stunts, and grabbing the TOP TEN... Lt. Dance! Bad Brains then grabbed the TOP TEN in Survey Says, with Trivial Knowledge, and the Cunning Stunts also getting more points in the second round, alongside the Electric Bastards, and the M. Night Shaym-Aliens... thought there was a second question, it was the very rare stumper in Survey Says that not one but three teams could not find a Surveyable guess for points on the board! Combo Breakdown then concluded our Game Show Game round that saw a question that capped off in one full round of guesses, and then proceeded to knock down the field in each successive round, until it was the M. Night Shaym-Aliens going head to head with the Electric Bastards... with the 2015 Grand Champions, the Electric Bastards, as the last team standing for FIFTEEN POINTS!

Tri-Pardo then proved right up the audiences alley, with the first question being worth seven points, the second question being worth four points, and third question being worth nineteen points, for our first icosahedron influenced Grand Prix! With thirty points up for grabs, seven of the ten teams answered the trio of questions correctly, with the Electric Bastards keeping their now eleven and a half point lead on the Cunning Stunts! In third were Petit Piere... who themselves, stayed in third by two points ahead of Lt. Dance, themselves two points ahead of the M. Night Shaym-Aliens heading into the Finale! Last Place Team rounded out the top five, with fifty-two points!

With not only the night on the line, but with point totals having repercussions moving forward in the month of April, teams certainly went all in (including the Electric Bastards), or left a handful on the board (including Petit Piere who left 18 on the board), but the wildest move were the Cunning Stunts who in second place before the final question... wagered two good points, and that's all. Sure, maybe it was to make a 69 joke if they got the answer correct, but maybe they were looking to game the system, play the odds...

Wouldn't you know it, it was a rare (for 2017) stumper of a Finale across the board, with every team being hit in some way shape or form. The Electric Bastards more then any other, as they finished the night without points, while the M. Night Shaym-Aliens finished the night as runners-up, officially on the board in this Grand Championship with fifty points! The nights winners however...

With there third Golden VHS this week(!), and FIFTY-SIXTH GOLDEN VHS overall, the CUNNING STUNTS! Finishing the night with sixty-five points, they add to their current lead in the Grand Championship Grand Prix, though with Petit Piere's... and the Electric Bastards not far behind, just 88 points and 90 points respectively!
Last Place Team 20 4 0 2 26 (50) 2
Cunning Stunts 21 8 6 2 30 (2) 65
Bad Brains 13.5 6 10 3 16 (30) 18.5
Electric Bastards 29.5 0 4 15 30 (78.5) 0
Trivial Knowledge 12.5 2 8 1 30 (53.5) 0
Lt. Dance 14 10 0 3 30 (57) 0
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 50 0 2 4 30 (5) 50
Occasional Champions 18.5 0 0 2 30 (50.5) 0
The Team (with lasers) 9.5 0 0 1 19 (29.5) 0
Petit Piere’s… 26 0 0 3 30 (41) 18
Congrats once more to the Cunning Stunts, and of course thank you to all of those who came out this week and made it such a great night for trivia and Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule! It was excellent to see such a great reception on merchandise as well, we still have a small Trivia Club logo t-shirt in stock, and are currently taking pre-orders for more! Look to the live events and the .CA for more MERCH information moving forward! We want to make the kind of Trivia Club swag that you want to buy!

See you all NEXT WEDNESDAY for the second week of our Grand Championship Grand Prix as we celebrate, officially, our FIFTH YEAR of Trivia Club in Toronto at the Anniversary Party!

Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY! Every FRIDAY, a new episode of Trivia Club's Pause & Play podcast (a weekly portable piece of the Trivia Club experience) will be available on SoundCloud & iTunes!

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