LIVE from the Trivia Clubhouse w/ Russel Harder: May 5th, 2020

May 05, 2020

Due to technical difficulties, here are the questions and then the answers to tonight's trivia so you can still play at home. Thank you for joining in for tonight's event, and apologies once again for the less then ideal feed. If it is salvageable, we'll edit together the questions in a video.
Trivia Club will return, and we'll let you know the date when it does.
QUESTIONS for May 5th, 20201. STARTING AT THE TOP! "Mountain range mother" in Spanish, it's the collective name of three mountain ranges in Mexico.

2. LOONIE! This is the last name of The Who’s legendary and notorious drummer, who was nicknamed “The Loon”.

3. OH, DOYLE! A fried chicken restaurant was inspired by this nickname of New York cop Jimmy Doyle in the 'French Connection' movies.

4. CONNECT FOR…! What’s the connection between the answers to Questions 2 and 3?

5. BEST KNOW FOR! Name the FOUR movies that, according to, and it’s algorithm, the following actor is quote ‘Known For’! The actor: Leonardo DiCaprio.

6. OUTSIDE THE BORDERS! I give you the name of two countries, and you tell me the color that their flags have in common. The countries: Austria & Ghana.

7. APPLE OF THERE EYE! Name the proud celebrity parents that welcomed their first child to the world today, and announced the name as X AE A-12.

8. BIT BY BIT! I play a short clip of an 8 Bit song, the kind of lo-fi sound you’d hear on a classic NES Nintendo or flip cellphone, and you name that pop song and the musical act originally responsible for a point each.

9. TAG THE LINE! I give you the tagline from the movie poster, and you name that movie! The tagline: "Small town. Big Crime. Dead cold."

Name something in a bathroom that you would not like to share.

11. LETTERBOXING! Name the two movies produced by the Russo Brothers in which it’s a major plot point that bridges are closed off to people trying to flee the city while the protagonist, played by an Avengers actor, uses his mission to deal with his grief from a family member’s death.

12. TEAM NAMES! What MLB, NFL, NHL, or NBA team name can be found in the following clues?

13. TAKING SHAPE! In the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold! what shape was Arnold’s head commonly referred to?

14. ON A ROLE! Three of this actor’s film roles are: Tuvia Bielski, Jake Lonergan, and James Bond.

After YouTube mistakenly suspended the account for “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to”, the livestream was halted. Though the account was quickly restored and the stream relaunched this created one of the longest videos in the history of YouTube in the process that this number of full hours long (less then 17,500). 

ANSWERS for May 5th, 2020

1. SIERRA MADRE (1 point)

2. MOON (1 point)

3. POPEYE (1 point)

4. SAILORS (1 point)

5. Leonardo DiCaprio – INCEPTION, THE DEPARTED, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, TITANIC (4 points, 1 each)

6. Austria & Ghana - RED (1 point)

7. ELON MUSK & GRIMES (2 points, 1 each)


9. FARGO (1 point)

10. RAZOR (5 points), TOOTHBRUSH (4 points), SINK (3 points), TOILET (2 points), MIRROR (1 point)

11. 21 BRIDGES & EXTRACTION (2 points, 1 each)

12. BEARS (1 point)

13. FOOTBALL (1 point)

14. DANIEL CRAIG (1 point)

15.  13,165 to 12,507 for 5 points (within 5%), 12,506 to 9,874 for 2 points (within 25%). 

I BUILT A VCR (an anagram of Trivia Club) 
Find the superhero actor in the following anagram. 

Throw Her Schism

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