The Rec Room Roundhouse: The Questionables, December 10th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

December 11, 2019

It was our final Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse for 2019, this past Tuesday, as Wednesday after we found out from head office that indeed one more private party had taken away that sweet sweet trivia space for the 17th! So the penultimate event had suddenly become the ultimate night of trivia, and luckily we were joined by a wide selection of familiar faces, that have made The Rec Room such a competitive location, not to mention a host of new, game, participants! Who would walk away with the Golden VHS to close out 2019 at The Roundhouse?

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Cookiefaced in the lead! Looking to gain their 11th Golden VHS of 2019, Cookiefaced had a two-point lead on the nearest competitors, Fab Four! These good good folks had a half a point lead on the next closest competitors, two teams, newcomers Who Dat and Cruise Refugees! One point behind them and just three and a half off the lead in fifth place, were The Questionables, the reigning Linear Champions of Trivia Club! Your Better Half was a point behind them, tied with their other half Trump’s Impeachment Party! Half a point behind and tied with these two teams were Dead on the Inside’s GTL (Gym, Trivia, Laundry), and Cat Chow (a cat-themed birthday party!), while rounding out the Top Ten were Teamsters, and just behind them rounding out the field were YEEEASSS!

 Game Show Games  then saw a razor thin guess from Cookiefaced go juuust over by one for Countdown Takedown, which opened the door for both Who Dat and Your Better Half to grab the TOP TEN, while Fab Four nabbed eight points! Nabbing another eight points in Survey Says, written due to the size of the crowd in Three10, were Fab Four once again, along since Cookiefaced, The Questionables, GTL, Cruise Refugees, Fab Four, Your Better Half, and Trump’s Impeachment Party!

This led to a  Tri-Pardo  round in which Fab Four had gained the lead but had Your Better Half just half a point behind! Cookiefaced chose the first category and rolled twelve points, while Gym, Trivia, Laundry chose the second category and rolled nineteen points, and The Questionables chose the third category and rolled fourteen points! This gave the field forty-seven points to win… and hitting the triple would be The Questionables! With all forty-seven points, The Questionables would also gain the lead! Their closest competitors would be Cookiefaced, who gained thirty-three points from the second and third questions, while Fab Four also gained thirty-three but lost twelve points on the first question!

This then led to the  Trivia Finale  for 2019 at The Roundhouse, though little did we know, with The Questionables going all-in while Cookiefaced lest a half a point behind! The biggest door left open was the sixteen and a half left on the board by the Fab Four, though GTL had also left fifteen and a half behind! This meant that The Questionables could bring a strong end to their year with the correct final answer…

They did indeed! With 146 points, THE QUESTIONABLES won their EIGHTEENTH GOLDEN VHS! This is also their fifteenth Golden VHS of 2019, more then any other team! Well played! They’ve got a Socratic Shield to look forward to for the 2019 Trivial Awards, that is for sure! Not a bad follow up to their Newcomers of the Year Award for 2018! Runners-up on the night with 124.5 points were Cookiefaced!

Though The Questionables take home what was in fact the last Golden VHS of 2019 at The Rec Room Roundhouse, with our initial League Play finding its footing in fits and starts, winning our trial run of sorts during this Holiday Season… COOKIEFACED ended up on top with 17 League Points thanks to a strong start to things in November, with two first place finishes, followed by a strong third and second place end in the second half! Runners-up in this inaugural League Play were The Questionables with 12 LP, followed by Dead on the Inside with 10 LP! Cookiefaced will be awarded a $30 Cineplex Gift Card! Look for more details and a few added surprises on League Play for Trivia Club in 2020!

We will see you again in 2020! January 7th is a date you can pencil in for our return to The Rec Room Roundhouse, and of course keep an eye on the .CA or our Facebook for full details! Thank you all once again for taking part in Trivia Club this past year at The Rec Room!
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