at Farside: WIN DMC, September 6th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMP

September 06, 2019

We returned to Farside this past Wednesday for a family affair, as the last long weekend of the summer meant a more intimate occasion of the Greatest Game Show in Canada for Your Friendly Neighborhood ‘side!

 Trivia Classic  saw Winner of the 2018 Participation Award with a five point lead on WIN DMC, while Older Not Wiser had a fair amount of points to make up on the rest of the field. Luckily Older Not Wiser was able to begin putting the working in, grabbing the TOP TEN in both the Countdown Takedown and Survey Says round two  Game Show Games , while WIN DMC grabbed a collective fourteen points, and Winner of the 2018 Participation Award grabbed a collective ten points!

 Tri-Pardo  is were the night really shifted for the Robinson’s however, as WIN DMC was able to answer the first and third questions correctly for twenty-four points, while Winner of the 2018 Participation Award gained seven points from the first question but lost seventeen on the third question and thus lost ten points in round three, and the lead as well! Finding himself in second before the Finale was Older Not Wiser who refrained from any answers and thus kept safe!

For the  Trivia Finale , WIN DMC then decided to not wager anything with his comfortable lead… or was it comfortable?! Older Not Wiser went all in, and in answering correctly finished with sixty-one points, which was good for runner-up! Just like when 2 Fast 2 Curious battled at The Ace in late November of 2018, one point would make the difference between the winner and the loser, this time the Winner of the 2018 Participation Award would not finish as runner-up however, but finish third with fifty-five points!

One point ahead of his father now, and the latest in a short list of SOLO CHAMPS, with sixty-two points… WIN DMC! Jarrad had also finished one point ahead of his father at The Ace on the fifteenth edition of Trivia Club at that location, and now has a Golden VHS with Beavis and Butthead for the first all-family edition of Trivia Club on the thirty-eighth edition at Farside!

Congrats once more to WIN DMC, and we’ll everyone (and more) in TWO WEEKS on our third week of September edition of Trivia Club on September 18th, WEDNESDAY!
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